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2nd Week of Advent at the Protestant Church in Oman: Peace

Image(Lighting of the Advent Wreath by the Kamalaker family)ImageThe Scripture reading on Friday morning was from Isaiah 9:2-7.ImageImageImageImage Pastor Jack Buteyn, Friday service 9am, Dec. 6th, 2013.  Worship songs this week included: Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Let Our Praise Be Your Welcome (We are Here for You), Wonderful, So Wonderful (Beautiful One), Before Creation’s Time (Breathe Life), Light of the World and The Splendour of the King (How Great is Our God). I hope you’re all having a peaceful Christmas season!

“Festival of Carols” – 2nd Week of Advent

  During the 2nd week of advent, there was a special combined service in the Bosch Hall of Ghala at 9:30am.  It was a service of scripture and carols with choirs and instumentalists.  Like the beginning of every Friday morning 9am service, Pastor Jack Buteyn led the children of the PCO in a short song before sending them off for “Sunday Friday school”.  The song he taught them this time was, “I am a C…I am a CH…I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.  And I have C-H-R-I-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T and I will L-I-V-E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y.”  Cute stuff and the kids loved it!  Dr. Ebenezer leading his choirs, The Muscat Men’s Chorus and Muscat Christian Harmony, during their “Christmas Lullaby“.  The Muscat Singers singing “Carol of the Bells“.  The 3rd choir, which you can only see a few members of in this photo on the far left, is the British School Community Choir.  I was not in a good spot to capture their photo so unfortunately that’s all there is.  Susan Ebenezer doing one of the 11 readings during the service.  The reading I was most impressed with was a reading/song by Vinoo Peppin/Carina Krogh.  (I really wish I captured that on video!)  Here is the text they read/sang:  Silent Night /  I heard them sing the beatiful carol, Silent Night.  How lovely the sound.  But, on another occasion I also heard them cry out, “Crucify Him. Crucify Him.”  Holy Night / On that holy night long ago, a star led shepherds and wise men to the manger.  Yet on another night some thirty years later, the same stars shone down showing the way for soldiers and thugs to Gethsemane.  All is calm / The calmness of the night of Your birth brings to mind the calmness You showed, as all about you throng demanded Your death.  All is bright / The reverent brightness of that nights contrasts the darkness which came over the whole land until the ninth hour.  For the sun stopped shining, and the curtain of the temple was torn in two.  Round yon virgin, mother and Child / The image of one at peace.  Yet now I see You on that cross, LORD.  Those long thorns piercing Your scalp.  Your Holy brow dripping with sweat and Your Holy blood.  Holy infant / And carrying Your own cross, You went out to the place of the skull.  Now those huge awful nails, tearing through Your holy hands and feet.  And in spite of all the pain and agony which You experience, You suffer even more as You see your mum crying at the foot of the cross.  So tender and mild / Then in total agony, You gasped, “My God, my God.  Why have You forsaken Me?”  But as You glance at the crowd and then to the heavens, You ask Your Heavenly Father: “Please forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.”  Sleep… / And there You breathed Your last.  Dying a death which I deserved.  Jesus, You died for my sins.  You were sinless, yet you chose to take on my sin.  You loved me that much that You died for me when I was yet a sinner.  In heavenly peace… / When will we get it?  When will our hearts and souls be touched by this Holy Saviour, Jesus Christ?  When will we turn from ourselves and our wicked ways and, in peace, turn to You, Jesus?  Sleep in heavenly peace. / Mia culpa, mia culpa.  Mia maximum culpa.  Please forgive me.  Please forgive me.  Please wholeheartedly forgive me.  I love You, LORD.  An appropriate choice by the PCO banner team as “Joy to the World” is the most-published Christmas hym of North America.  Interestingly, Isaac Watts wrote the words of “Joy to the World” (based on Psalm 98) as a hymn glorifying Christ’s triumphant return at the end of the age, rather than a Christmas song celebrating His first coming as a babe born in a stable.”  Another awesome banner rightly created for this festive season!  “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” (John 15:11)

So far, it’s been a great Christmas season here in Oman.  We’re looking forward to upcoming events/concerts at the PCO!

2nd Week of Advent: PEACE

Christmas Concert in Ruwi Church

On Sunday, Dec. 7th, during Ruwi Church Service, the service had music led by Muscat Mens Chorus and Muscat Christian Harmony.Lighting Peace Candle

One of our church families lighting the 2nd candle of Advent: The candle of PEACE.

The First Candle- HOPE-The PROPHETS foretell the coming of a Messiah.  (song-“Jesus, Oh, What a Wonderful Child”)

The Second Candle-PEACE-The SHEPHERDS hear and share the Good News (song-“Rise Up Shepherds and Follow”)

The Third Candle-JOY-The ANGELS announce Tidings of Great Joy (song-“Hark the Herald Angels Sing”)

Fourth Candle and Christ Candle-LOVE-CHRIST THE SAVIOUR is born.  WISE MEN visit the Holy Family (song-“Silent Night”)

Carina Doing Solo in Ruwi Church

A solo of O Holy Night by Carina Krough

From church bulletin:  Last week we lit the first candle in our Advent Wreath, the candle of hope.  We light it again as we remember that Christ, who was born in Bethlehem, will come again to fulfill all of God’s promises to us.  The second candle of Advent is the Candle of Peace.  Peace is a word that we hear a lot.  It is one of the things that we hope for.  Christ brought peace when He first came to us and He will bring everlasting peace when He comes again.  The prophet Isaiah called Christ “the Prince of Peace”.  When Jesus came, He taught people the importance of being peace makers.  He said that those who make peace shall be called the children of God.  We light the candle of peace to remind us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and that through Him, peace is found.  (Congregation-“Peace is like a light shining in a dark place.  As we look at this candle, we celebrate the peace wefind in Jesus Christ.”)

Favorite lines from “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”:

“Born that man no more may die,

Born to raise the sons of earth,

Born to give them second birth.

Hark! The Herald Angels sing,

“Glory to the new born King!”

Advent Candle #1: HOPE

Advent means “coming”.  Advent is the church season of preparation for Christmas.  Many churches observe Advent during the four weekends prior to Christmas.  One of the ways we prepare our hearts is by making an Advent wreath, lighting its candles and reading Scriptures to help remind us of Christ coming to the world some 2000 years ago.  

The Advent wreath includes many symbols to help us think about Christ and His gifts.  The wreath itself is in the shape of a circle.  A circle has no beginning and no end.  This reminds us that there is no beginning and no end to God and that God’s love and caring are forever.


Hope is like a light shining in a dark place.  As we look at the light of this candle, we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, God, for the hope you give us.  We ask that as we wait for your promises to come true, and for Christ to come again, that you would remain present with us.  Help us today, and everyday to worship you, to hear your word, and to do your will by sharing your hope with each other.  We ask it in the name of the one who was born in Bethlehem.  Amen.




Candle #1 Lighting