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Al Ain, U.A.E.

Marilyn and Jonathan at Al Jimi Mall

How many mistakes can you find?They really should have English native speakers check their work before making official posters and signs! I could make an entire website containing just the English errors found on official signs and announcements here.

Road Trip! Road Trip!

Another Wednesday evening in Al Ain with the boys…

The border crossing into the UAE but you didn’t see it here as no photography is allowed!

The Kung-Fu Panda looks right at home in the Al Ain mall next to white dishdashas and black abayas!

Jonathan at Trader Vics in Al Ain

Yeah! I couldn’t think of a better way of trying to sell baby seats!!!

They’ve even got their own little amusement park at the Al-Ain MAll.

When this mountain “range” comes into sight, you know that you will soon be approaching the Oman-UAE border. (125 kms from Ibri) Doesn’t this mountain look like a fat man (or pregnant woman) lying down?

A picture speaks a thousand words, right? Well, this photo really captures the essence of Al Ain Mall.

Hanging out in Al Ain Mall

Eastern clothing-Western taste No problem for the Arabs as all the meat here is “hallal” which means that they slit the animal’s throat while saying a prayer to “Allah” and slowly let it bleed to death.

One of our newest colleagues, Blair, has been here about 2 months. One of the reasons for going to Al Ain this time was to get him a new visa. It can take quite some time to become a legal alien here!

There are far more women wearing burkas in Al Ain than you would find in Oman! This photo is one of my first attempts at “spy mode” where I pretend to be taking a photo of someone nearby (in this case Blair) but am really zooming in on others in the distance, ha!ha!

UAE Driver Safety Awareness Campaign

A friendly UAE cop at the Al Ain mall

Marilyn looks like she was born to be a biker chick here

Jonathan Lambton

I guess the whole region has a problem with reckless driving, especially overtaking cars on sharp turns! A lot of injuries could be avoided if people wore their seat belts. Omanis will often speed by at 180 kms/hr with a bunch of kids jumping in the back seat without belts!