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Where Are My Students from? All over Oman!!!

I seem to have students from every corner of Oman this semester which is nice.  On the map below, 3 different colors represent the hometowns of my students from my 3 different classes.wheremystudentsarefrom  I have students from Nizwa (6), Muscat (6 including 2 from Qurum, 1 from AlKhuwair and 1 from Al Mwalh), Sumill/Samail (4), Ibri (4), Bahla (3), Rustaq (3), Salalah (3), Manah (2), Birkat AlMouz (near Nizwa), Al-Mudhaibi, Al-Khabourah/, Al-Molddah (near Rustaq), Al-Kamil, Al-Wafi, Sohar, Sur, Al-Swiq, Al-Moudhabi, Saham, Ial’aan Bani Bu Ali (near Sur), Nakhal, Al-Hamra, Liwa,  Izki, Al-Seeb/Al-Hail and I even have one student from the kingdom of Bahrain!biggermapofstudentshometowns  Here is a larger map of Oman (notice the few dots near the bottom representing my students fromSalalah :-))RegionsofOman  This is a great map I saw in the Museum of Al-Zubair which shows the 7 different regions of Oman and a little about what they are known for.  I think I have students from every region of Oman except for Al-Wusta which is in the middle of Oman. 

If someone were to ask me what I love most about Oman I would have to say, “My students are the Oman that I love!!!”