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Dinosaurs Spotted in Oman!!!

DSCN7061DSCN7060   This dinosaur can be found on the campus of SQU (Sultan Qaboos University).  Al-Khoud is one of the few places in Oman (and the Middle East) where dinosaur remains have been found!DSCN7063  Most people have been brainwashed into thinking that dinosaurs lived MILLIONS of years ago and that “no living man has ever seen a dinosaur”.  Why is it then that pottery, cave paintings and artifacts of dinosaurs exist around the world when these creatures were supposed to have become exist millions of years ago?!?!  Here is a webpage with some of these artifacts: http://www.helsinki.fi/~pjojala/Dinoglyphs.htm  The word “dinosaur” was not even created until 1842.  So what were dinosaurs called before this?  “Dragons“! That’s right! And the Bible has a fascinating record of 2 of these beasts in the book of Job in chapters 40-41.Che at Bait Al Baranda  This dinosaur (and a slighty scarey “dinosaur roar”) awaits visitors as they enter one of the rooms of the Bait Al Baranda Museum.DSCN4281  This unfortunate lie awaits visitors as well.  Birds descendants of dinosaurs?! HOW ridiculous!!!DSCN4280   They have a few of these questions with muliple choice answers and  after you can find out what they assume the answers are if you choose to press the buttons.

So, if you are into dinosaurs, you might want to check out The Bait Al Baranda Museum in Muttrah.  For more on the dinosaur found in Al-Khoudh, read this: http://www.dinodata.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1872&Itemid=77  And more on ancient Oman history here: http://www.nizwa.net/env/fossile/fossile.html  For more on the links between dinosaurs and dragons, click here: http://www.koti.phnet.fi/elohim/theory_of_evolution17  For more on dinosaurs in the Bible, here: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/dinosaurs/behemoth.html