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Mirbat, Oman: Marina, Mares, Mausoleums, Mildew & Memories

  This horse and a matching horse on the other side of the road greet visitors to Mirbat as one enters this ancient city.   This charming coastal city is famous for its breeding and export of Arabian horses and it was also the ancient capital of Dhofar for a number of years.  Mirbat Marina during “Khareef” (Monsoon rains) – Click here to view my amateur vid  Mirbat Castle always seems to be closed for repairs when I visit!  :-(  This is the site of the legendary “Battle of Mirbat“, July 19, 1972, in which 9 British troops are said to have held off an attack of 250 Yemini communist-supporters.  photo taken in front of Mirbat Castle looking towards Mirbat Harbour  There are some ancient homes still standing and being used in Mirbat.  And some are obviously not still in use…  I read on-line that many of these Mirbat homes are built in the Yemeni mud-clay style.  I like how this more modern home has a boat carved over the main door.  Fishing is still a major means of income in this town.  I am still not sure if this is for two different mausoleums or simply telling the name of “Bin Ali” in a different way.  This is known as a “must see tourist destination” but it is still used today for prayers and to mourn lost ones, so the tourist should be very sensitive to any mourners here by dressing appropriately.  The coast as one approaches Mirbat from the Salalah direction  “Mirbat was famous in the 9th Century for the breeding and exporting of horses and for its trade in frankincense.  With its picturesque bays and inlets, Mirbat is a must see for all visitors.”