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007 Agent Masquerading as Muscat “Baiza Bus Driver”

baiza bus

This is a pic of one of the many “Baiza buses” that operate in Muscat (and other cities of Oman).  They are the way to go for cheap transport in the Sultanate of Oman rather than paying the sometimes outrageous fees demanded by taxis.  They are called “baiza buses” after the lower denomination of the Omani rials (like American cents or Indian paisa). You can get transported over long distances in these often overcrowded vans (with mostly Indian, Pakistani, Filipino workers) for only 200-400 baizas (depending on the distance you’re traveling and the condition of the van!).  Anyway, check out the license plate on the back of this baiza bus!close up of 007 baiza bus

Cue the James Bond theme music! 🙂  I wonder if this van is equipped with radar, machine guns, oil slick dispensers, smoke screens, bullet-proof windshield and passenger ejector seats of previous Bond cars!  Just to be safe, I’d keep my distance!