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Would Anyone Like a 200 Litre Cup of Coffee?!

giantcoffee  One of the more eye-catching roundabouts in Darsait, Omangiantcoffee2Zubaircoffeepot  This photo was taken in the Bait al Zubair Museum.  These Omani coffeepots are called “Al Dallah” in Arabic and are made from copper and brass.  The Omani coffee pot design features a hinged lid attached to the handle and has a curved spout.  Some ancient Omani coffee pots were made out of silver and were mostly used for decorative purposes. coffeepotscene  The way North-Americans eat and drink, I wouldn’t be surprised if this became the next size in take-away coffee orders.  “I’ll have the Omani-coffeepot-roundabout size, please!”Cheandcoffeepot

I guess the turtles hatch their eggs just about anywhere along the coast. It is the city of Sur, south of Muscat, however, that is most famous for turtle hatching sites in Oman.
The “Coffeepot Roundabout” located near the Shangri-La turn-off.

At the Shangri-La

Here’s my baby at the Shangi-La. I was tempted to go swimming but when the only shop at the hotel asked 68RO for a simple pair of swimming trunks (That’s 177 bucks, folks, for a cheap looking swimsuit that one might find for $1 or $2 elsewhere!!), I not only lost my desire to go swimming but I near lost my temper and my appetite! That is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! And yet MANY overweight foreigners were sitting around the pool and beach wearing those ghastly shorts. As long as there are suckers willing to pay the price, I can’t see the prices going down anytime soon… (Note to self: always bring your swimsuit when traveling!:-))