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The Ari Roland Jazz Quartet: Free Cultural Event Thursday, Feb 27th at Crowne Plaza

ImageSounds like a fun evening of jazz at the Crowne Plaza next Thursday. This was just tweeted by the US Embassy in Muscat.  We attended a similar event hosted by the US Embassy 4 years ago (with the Little Joe MacLerran Quartet) and we had a blast.  The poster reads that “restaurants and bars will be open before and after the event for your enjoyment”. What about during the event?! They had an open bar on the lawn last time we attended which was a great idea.

The Edge, Crowne Plaza, Muscat, Oman

The weather is getting to the point where it’ll be too humid to think of eating outside but from late September to mid April the Edge is a lovely, romantic spot to have dinner and drinks.  It’s called “the Edge” due to the fact that it is located on the edge of the Crowne Plaza giving you a fabulous view overlooking Qurum Beach.

I used to have a salad and a few beers with friends on weekends at the Edge when I first lived in Ibri and would come into Muscat on weekends in late 2007.  The menu has changed and the prices have risen significantly since then!  Each person having a salad, main dish and a drink or two can expect to pay at least 20 rials easily. 

The new style presentation of the food at the Edge is somewhat bizarre to say the least.  Due to the fact that it can be quite windy and the Edge is a fair distance from the restaurant itself, the waitress brings the main course in a plastic bag (not unlike the type you bring goldfish home in!) and they cut the plastic bag at your table and slowly pull the bag away to let the contents pour on your plate.  I was okay with the whole deal but my friend was put off and whispered, as the waitress left our area, “What was that?”

The Edge, even with its high prices and bizarre presentation of food, remains a great spot for a quiet, romantic evening out with that special someone or fun evening out with close friends.  The location is arguably one of the best in the city.  (Tel: 24660660) Open daily 9am-11am, 7pm-11pm.  Licensed and all major credit cards accepted.

Special Greek Salad (5.1 OR), Artichoke Greenbean Salad (3.8 OR), San Peligrino (2.4 OR), Chicken Italian (5.2 OR), Hamour (7.4 OR), can of Heineken (2.5 OR), coffee (1.2 OR), cappucino (1.2 OR) just to give you an idea of the prices.

“Blues on the Lawn” Little Joe MacLerran Quartet at the Crowne Plaza Hosted by the US Embassy in Muscat!

  There was an incredible Blues concert hosted by the American Embassy (USA! USA!) at the Crowne Plaza last Monday, April 19th.  I came to know about the concert through the oh so popular blog known as Muscat Confidential at this post.  Thanks to his hot tip regarding the concert, 3 good friends, my wife and I were able to enjoy an enchanting evening of some great toe-tapping music!   The concert was made possible because of a special program of the US Department of State known as “The Rhythm Road“.  As the website explains, “The mission of The Rhythm Road is to share America’s unique contribution to the world of music and to promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange among nations worldwide. Since 2005, Jazz at Lincoln Center and the U.S. Department of State have produced ten tours each year that represent American music to overseas audiences.”   THE LITTLE JOE MCLERRAN QUARTET is a collective of seasoned musicians drawn from the ranks of Tulsa’s finest, who came together specifically for The Rhythm Road.  Man, could they play!! (L to R: David Bernston on the harmonica, Ron McRorey on the drums, Joseph McLerran on the guitar and main vocals, and Robbie Mack on the bass.)  Here are a few videos if you’d like to hear these incredible musicians for yourself: I Gotta Keep My Hair Parted, The Monkey Speaks His Mind, Going Back to Arkansas, Rattle Snaking Daddy, What’s the Matter with the Mill?, The Duck’s Yas-Yas-Yas, Believe I’ll Make a Change, and their final song of the evening, I’m So Lonesome.  I managed to get a photo of Robbie Mack who is the bassist for the quartet.  It was so nice talking to these gentlemen after the show as they mingled with the crowd of about 350-400 people.  Great ambassadors of the good old U S of A!  By the way, Mr. Mack kept a pretty cool journal of his travels while in the Persian Gulf.  Check it out here with some fascinating pics and vids!!!  3 members of the band with the American Ambassador to Oman, The Honorable Richard Schmierer, his wife and the Spanish Ambassador to Oman, The Honorable Tomas Rodrigues de Pantoja!  Not only did the American gents provide a wonderful evening of great music, but they also handed out free t-shirts and CDs!

A BIG THANKS to the quartet, the American Embassy and to The Crowne Plaza!  What an evening!!!

The Tropicana Buffet at Crowne Plaza, Muscat

  It’s pretty cool how the Crowne Plaza is shaped like a boat, but you have to see it from the right angle to notice that.  The beaches around the Crowne Plaza in Qurum are some of the most beautiful in Muscat!  The brunch buffet at Tropicana is only 13 rials per person (+17% tax).  Not bad for a great meal at a 5-star hotel!  Nice pool.  Out of curiosity, I asked how much it costs for non-guests to use the pool for the day.  10 rials! That’s steep! (Only 2 rials at the Al Falaj and normally 5 rials at other popular hotels)  There were certainly no complaints about the food! Awesome buffet!  It’s always nice to have lunch with the wife and sister-in-law!  Artwork found in the Crowne Plaza main lounge  Che and Marites with the pool and Qurum beach in the background  I’m not into bars (anymore, thank God!) but this is definitely a great place to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in the late evenings!  This section of the Crowne Plaza is known as “The Edge”.  It is a lovely, romantic spot in the evenings.  Seating is limited though so reservations are recommended!  It was in this spot that my honey and I had our first few dates some 2 years ago.  Ahh, the memories!  🙂