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The SteakCompany in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall

Even though the SteakCompany has been open almost a year now, my family and I only recently tried it out for the first time.  We’re glad we did!  Normally we would head to Hot Pot and Grills (which my sister-in-law loves), Wasabi Sushi (which my wife loves) or Roadside Diner (which we all enjoy).  I think maybe it’s because it’s on the other end of the mall near the foodcourt that we have taken so long to work our way down there.

The menu is short and sweet at the SteakCompany which made ordering a piece of cake.  In some of the restaurants with pages and pages of options, my wife is known for taking quite a bit of time to decide on what to order. (Not a complaint. Just stating a known fact. ;-) )

My wife and I ordered the Soup of the Day which was Vegetable Soup.  It was really quite good.  It seemed like a homemade soup that you might expect your grandmother to prepare.  It was especially enjoyable with the garlic bread that came along with it.  So many restaurants serve hard and crusty garlic bread but this was garlic bread perfection.  Hard to believe it was only 1.5 OR.

The Calamari Rings (2.9 OR) were delicious!  My wife said that these were the best calamari rings she’s had so far in Muscat. (And trust me, folks, we’ve tried many!)

The Seafood Salad (3.9 OR) looks about as good here as it tasted.  All 3 of us thought this was a terrific dish.  We had to have half of it wrapped up to take with us because if we tried to finish this off we wouldn’t have had room for our main course.

My first instinct was to order the fish and chips but then I thought that I had better order a steak at a steakhouse!  My sister-in-law ordered the Fish and Chips (3.9 OR) though and she enjoyed it.  As you can see in the pic, it’s a decent sized meal so she had to have most of it “parcelled” (a Filipino expression that I still find odd to express the North American concept of “a doggy bag” :-))

To know my wife is to know she loves ribs!  Ordering the Short Ribs (11.9 OR), which is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, was a no-brainer for her.  She loved her ribs and was forced to take most of them home with her as it is a 550 gram serving!

You are looking at a pic of the best steak I’ve enjoyed in a LONG time and quite easily the best steak I’ve had in Oman. Oz Rib Eye (13.9 OR).  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite easy to please when it comes to food.  “A steak is a steak“, I thought so why not give this place a try…well, as much as I’ve enjoyed my other steaks, I’ve never tasted steak as good as this.  Seriously! This steak was perfection! (And no I didn’t get offered a free meal or anything to review this restaurant.)  This meal was so fine that I was glad I was able to offer my compliments to the chef when he came out front just as we were leaving.  If you love steak, you’ve got to give this place a try.

We were really impressed with the food and service at the Steak Company on our first visit there.  We can’t recommend this place enough.  If you ever have an evening at the Royal Opera House Muscat, it is next door to this mall (about a 5 minute walk) and we believe the SteakCompany would make an excellent meal to accompany an evening at the Opera House.  If you do decide to go, make sure to make reservations at +968-2469-5903 as seating is limited.  I highly recommend sitting in one of the 3 booths (if available) as it’s much more comfortable than the other tables.

Our daughter, Naomi, really felt at home at the Steak Company! :-)

In total, we ordered 2 soups of the day, calamari rings, seafood salad, fish and chips, short ribs, Oz rib eye, 1 cherry coke, 1 sprite, and 1 shirley temple for a total of 42.9 rials + 2.145 for municipal tax making a grand total of 45 rials for an incredible meal.

Have any of you been to the SteakCompany? If so, how was your experience?  Were you as impressed as we were? What’s your favorite place for steak in Muscat?

RBG Grill, Park Inn, Al Khuwair

If you want to get a great steak, RBG Grill in Park Inn is your place!  It’s located on the ground floor.  This is one HAPPENING place, so you might want to make a reservation if you go.

Lamb Chops (9 OR)  They ladies loved their lamb chops!

Sirloin Steak (12.5 OR)  This steak was SO good!  I thought it looked kind of small when they first brought it, but it was so filling!  We did find it a little odd that they placed the steak on the mashed potatoes but maybe that is the style in some parts. (?)

T-Bone Steak (14 OR)  My friend wrote that his T-Bone Steak was “marvelous”, “taste, structure, amount were great” as he wrote on the comment form.

The most important part of the menu! (and my shadow!)

They have specials like the ones you see posted above all the time!

www.parkinn-muscat.com Tel:+968 245 07 888

RBG stands for “Red Bar Grill” in case you were wondering.  Anyone been here?  Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

Al Tajin GrillHouse at Radisson Blu, Muscat

I’ve heard time and time again that Al Tajin at Radisson Blu (in Al Khuwair) is the place to go for good steak in Muscat so I decided to surprise my honey and take her there as part of her birthday celebration.

Tajin Grillhouse is simple and small but rather charming.

I love the Omani door art pieces just above the kitchen!

The prices are somewhat expensive but not really that steep when you consider that it comes with a starter buffet and a dessert buffet as part of the deal!

The starter buffet, our friendly waiter and my honey’s elbow, ha!ha!

2 of the Al Tajin chefs

This dish, Surf & Turf, was my meal and boy was it ever good! (18.803 RO)

My honey was equally impressed with her Fisherman’s Platter. (20.512 RO)  The dishes are quite large so many people (the waiter told us) order one dish and share it.  Because of the starter and dessert buffets, this is totally doable.

If you’re looking for a nice quiet place for a romantic evening out (with great steak!), Tajin is a good choice.  It’s also a wonderful restaurant to surprise someone celebrating a birthday if you call in advance and let the staff at Tajin know!  This is a must of course if you wish to have them put the person’s name on the cake.  Check out the cake they provided (free of charge!) below.  Most importantly, they didn’t spoil the surprise and together we really caught my wife off guard when the cake, candles and singing started, ha!ha!  :-)  (I would highly recommend anyone taking advantage of this birthday offer to tip extremely well otherwise that just wouldn’t be right.)

Has anyone reading this been to Tajin? What was your experience?  We were impressed and we definitely plan on returning!  (Tel: 24487777) Open daily 6am-midnight.  Licensed and all major credit cards accepted.