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Exquisite Omani Specialties at the Grand Hyatt

grand hyatt muscat

Last night (Wednesday, Jan. 30th) was the first night of a monthy specialty at Mokha Cafe’s buffet called “Exquisite Omani Specialties“. In celebration of Muscat Festival (which also started yesterday!), from January 30th to February 28th, the buffet, in addition to its regular buffet, will feature Omani items prepared by their local and talented Omani chefs.  Here’s the ad:Omani Specialties  buffet

If you can’t read the writing well, the buffet is 18 OR +17%.looking down at Mokha Cafe

Plenty of space in Mokha Cafe, both indoors and out.outdoors

chef and main chef

Chef Majid and Head Chef Jayson with Nicole Bassitt (Marketing & Communications Manager) at the Grand Hyatt, showing us Omani dishes that are part of the Mokha Cafe buffet this month. Thanks so much for the invitation, Nicole! 🙂 We had a fabulous time. My wife can’t get enough of the Mokha Cafe buffet and is always “looking for an excuse” to go there. 😉chefs, General Manager and Director of Food and Beverage

Chef Jayson, Chef Majid, General Manager, Garry Friend, Chef Ali, and the Grand Hyatt’s Director of Food and Beverage, Dirk Holscher.  It was an honor to meet the Grand Hyatt’s new General Manager, Garry Friend, who has been in Oman about two weeks now.  He comes with over 25 years of experience working with Hyatt. Click here to read more about him in this article that just came out in The Week.  While I was speaking briefly with Mr. Friend he remarked, “Isn’t it interesting how bloggers are considered more and more important today?”  Interesting indeed! 🙂omani dishes

Those who are interested in trying out some great Omani dishes (as well as other amazing dishes from around the world!) are encouraged to come down during this month’s specialty buffet. People sometimes send me emails or comments asking where they can get some authentic Omani cuisine in Muscat.  Well, here’s your chance! 🙂showing one of the dishes

a few arabic dishes

Of course, besides the Omani dishes there are the standard delicious Arabic dishes that are also a regular part of Mokha Cafe’s buffet. (Hummus, Mutabel and Fattoush just to name a few)lokaimat

Presenting a delicious traditional Omani dessert called “lokaimat“!chef sameer

Chef Sammer always has time for a big smile as he prepares more “lokaimat” for guests. (As a side note, you really should try the Peach/Nectarine Frangipane Puff pictured directly in front of him! MMM!)prawns

In addition to prawns (as you see here), other Omani grilled seafood at the buffet include: lobster, king fish and tuna.  There are so many choices at this buffet!cooking away

Chef Hood “in the hood”! Ready to grill up whatever you desire! (But there’s usually no need to wait as there’s often plenty cooked up, ready for your plate.)a few of us at the hyatt

L to R: Nickyta Ray (Assistant Features Editor for Muscat Daily), Cem (prounced “Jem”!!!) Dogan (Sales Manager at the Hyatt for Groups and Corporate), wifey and me – It was a great evening on Mokha Cafe outdoor terrace with great food and great company.  Just wish I had a complete group pic taken…buffet area

Buffet starts at 7pm daily, so what are you waiting for?buffet desserts

I love the desserts available at Mokha Cafe. (These aren’t all the desserts; I just couldn’t get them all in one pic.)all the chefs

The talented Mokha Cafe chefs (L to R): Chefs Ali, Majid Chef Jayson (head chef), Harry, Zahir and Sameer

If you plan on enjoying this special monthly buffet, make sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Tel: +968-2464-1234.  You can also keep up to date with the latest pics and events from the Grand Hyatt on their facebook page: www.facebook.com/GrandHyattMuscat or their main website: www.muscat.grand.hyatt.com