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Dinner(s) at The Restaurant, The Chedi

restaurant entrance  The Restaurant at The Chedi is a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best fine dining experiences in Muscat, Oman.  I had the pleasure of enjoying the food there on 2 different occasions in the past few weeks.  Here are some pics of the menu and the food that we ordered while there.   appetizers 1 lobster salad  The Lobster Salad was a big hit with everyone at our table. A highly recommended appetizer!        sushi rolls   You can never go wrong with sushi rolls!       pf foie gras  I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t over the moon over the PF Foie Gras.  3/4 loved it!      more appetizers  Other appetizers at the Chedi       fantastic soup  On a blog related “business dinner” a few weeks back I had this soup. Sorry I can’t remember what the name was because the waiter recommended it to me and it was indeed a fantastic choice!     bring on the wine  Of course they don’t serve alcohol over Ramadan, but when the month is over, you might want to check out their wine menu if you find yourself there.  We went with a bottle of “Wrongo Dongo” (love the name!) which was a 20 OR bottle of red wine. Nice selection by our friend!    tiger prawns  This was my choice on our most recent visit to The Chedi: Grilled Tiger Prawns.  This was a truly enjoyable meal!      Arabic Indian grilled jumbo prawns  My wife loved her Grilled Jumbo Prawns. (Almost as much as she loved my Tiger Prawns… 😉 )  The risotto it came with was so good!    contemporary pigeon 2 way  No complaints from our friend about her Pigeon 2 Ways.     khaw soi zai  Our other friend seemed to enjoy his Yellow Chicken Curry quite a bit.    Asiandelicious lamb  One of the best lamb dishes I have ever had in my life. Such succulent meat that it seemed to melt in my mouth! The jasmine rice addition worked well with this dish.    chef at work  One of the many hard-working chefs at the Chedi.  There are something like 5 different cooking stations in the Restaurant.      lemon tart  Mmm-lemon tart!  There are incredible number of desserts to choose from at the Chedi and it might be hard to choose just one as they all look SO good.    yummy desserts more yummy desserts macaroons!  Macaroons at the Chedi-A definite must have for any one with a sweet tooth.

I had two incredible evenings sharing dinner with friends at the Chedi recently and highly recommend dining there.  The prices may seem a bit high for some but you can be sure that what you are getting is of the highest quality.  For reservations, call:   (968) 24 52 44 00 or if you have any general questions about the menu, you can email them at: chedimuscat@ghmhotels.com

“The Essence of Indonesia” at Marjan, Muscat Grand Hyatt

invite from Hyatt   We had an incredible evening at the Grand Hyatt Muscat’s Indonesian Restaurant, Marjan.  It was the first day of their “Essence of Indonesia” promotion.poster for marjanmarjan entrance  Marjan is located right alongside the beach at the Hyatt and also right next to the pools.  Its gorgeous location makes it one of our favorite restaurants at the Hyatt when the weather is right.looking back at the hyattIndonesian chefs  They have flown in two guest chefs especially for this promotion, Chef Sarwono and Chef Tristiano from their sister hotel, Grand Hyatt Jakarta.  Both chefs together with the Marjan culinary team will be presenting the essence of authentic Indonesian cuisine for a period of 10 days, from 20 February to 1 March. (9 days left now-don’t miss it!)chefs and crew  L to R: Grand Hyatt’s Director of Food and Beverages, Dirk Holscher, Chefs  Sarwono and Tristiano, and the General Manager of Grand Hyatt Muscat, Garry Friend.

Here are a few pics of the fabulous dishes we sampled:food pic 1food pic 2Gado gado  All the salads we shared were great but the last one pictured here, Gado-gado, was definitely my favorite!  Here’s a look at the salads and soups and their prices on “The Essence of Indonesia” menu.menu1main course 1main course 2main course 2  I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was very pleased with my choice of Sate Ayam.  Here are other main course choices as well as desserts on the second half of the menu.

menu2cocktails  Make sure to try one of their exotic cocktails if you head down to Marjan.  No complaints about my 1st cocktail: “Marjan”!blue cooler  I had a “Blue Cooler” for my 2nd cocktail.  This one was a bit strong for me and so it took quite a bit of time for me to finish it off.dessert 1   This dessert, Klepon (rice glutinous dumpling), had mixed reviews at our table.  2 of the Westerners didn’t like it at all, but my Filipino wife and I enjoyed it.  I thought it’s a unique dessert worth trying out.black pudding and icecream  The black rice pudding with vanilla icecream looked interesting (5 OR).  I’m assuming it was good as I didn’t hear any complaints from “Angry in Oman” who ordered it. 😉deep fried banana  The dessert I enjoyed was the deep fried banana.  The best part of it (not pictured here) was the incredibly delicious banana sauce that it came with! So good!

Marjan entertainers

And as I reported in my first review on Marjan, the 2 singers/guitar players are a real highlight to any visit!  🙂

Just a few days left of this promotion so head on down to Marjan while you can!poolside at the hyatt

Turkish House Restaurant

Turkish House Restaurant front  This restaurant, Turkish House Restaurant, which is located in al Khuwair has become a favorite of Che’s and mine.  The food is awesome and the prices are quite reasonable!Turkish House Restaurant new extension  “The Turkish cuisine is one of the famous cuisines in the world.  Despite the simplicity of its preparations, the freshness of the ingredients, which is used in the cuisine, gives it rich and delusions taste that satisfy your craving.  The variety of soups, appetizers, and the main dishes of fish and meat followed by the Turkish sweets before ending the feast by drinking hot Turkish coffee.  Food critics assure that the Turkish cosine is one of the best three cousins in the world.” (The menu-word for word)baker and oven in menu  The baker and oven according to the menu…

And “the REAL deal”, ha!ha!…:-) turkish oven and baker    bread and sauces  One of the best things about the Turkish House Restaurant is the bread!  This here is the bread/houmous appetizer which is worth the trip to this place alone!Turkish breadMixed grill  Mixed Grill-my favorite dish, by far, at the Turkish House!grilled shrimp  Grilled shrimp – a favorite of my honey’s! dish 3sharks teeth  Sharks teeth near the cashier counter

If you’ve never been to The Turkish House, you really need to check it out!  They also serve parties and do home delivery in the al Khuwair region. (Tel-24488071 or 99215583)  They are open daily from 11am to 1am.  We are ALWAYS surprised by how low the bill is when it comes.  Another great aspect to this restaurant is its informal, charming atmosphere.  They certainly don’t aim to dazzle you with the premises-they choose to dazzle you with the food!