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Things Officially Coming to a Close at Ibri College

This was from an official ceremony a few weeks back at Al Masarat Hall in Ibri College

Some dates on campus

The semester has ended! Classes are over as are the final exams. Marking of the final exams has also been completed (apart from a few teachers still working on marking year 1 exams this week). For the next 3 weeks, teachers will be coming into their offices but there is no work to do really. Even the cafeterias are closed which make it even harder and more boring sitting around waiting for vacation to officially start…Really looking forward to going home soon!

T.G.I.F. Versus T.A.I.W.

The buses start loading up pretty early on Wednesday afternoons as drivers prepare to take students to their respective villages across Oman. Wednesday classes finish at 2pm as it is the end of the work week here (Sat-Wed) and their weekend is Thursday and Friday. So, while we would say, “Thank God It’s Friday“, I guess they would say “Thank allah It’s Wednesday“.

Some of my F.Y. boys relaxing on a mat as they wait for their friends before taking off to their homes.

Abdullah Snani

My students convinced me to sit down and hang out with them a while over a cup of juice before they all took off for the weekend. All FY students, across campus, have “plotted together” and decided not to come to class next week as it’s the last week before exams start and they feel that they deserve a break…The end of the semester is almost here!

A Few of My Students (Ibri College)

Mid Term Exams in Ibri College

A.S. (Applied Sciences) year one students had their English midterm exam on Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!). Here, Ruth invigilates one group of students. It consisted of a 25 minute listening section and a 1.5 hour Reading/Writing section. Now on with the marking!

People Around Ibri College

Marhoon from Administration. Interesting name…”Marhoon” means “mortgage” in Arabic

Marilyn, who is from New Zealand, has been here at Ibri College about 6 weeks now. She is looking very glamorous here as her shirt just happened to match the paint on the office door!

Mr. Hilal Mohammed Nasser Al Kharousi is one of my new AS (Applied Sciences) students this semester. He always has questions for me as I’m leaving the classroom; a very engaging student!

Mr. Hamadi Dhaou is another of my colleagues in the English Department here at Ibri College. He is from Tunisia, has been teaching at Ibri College for 3 years, has a PhD and speaks 6 languages including Malay and Russian. He is one of my more cheerful colleagues and I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about anyone which is quite refreshing.