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Ibri Fort Tour – Part 3

Tamyez, Malcolm and Mohammed’s friend

Where the call to prayer is announced through loudspeakers outside. Every mosque has one.

The tour-guide at Ibri Fort

Ibri Fort Tour – Part 1

More of Ibri Tour

Mohammed Ghafri

Baxter declaring his love for Kristina, ha!ha!

The Old Quarter of Ibri with houses that are hundreds of years old

As you may notice, these houses were mostly made of clay

One of our new teachers, Rachel, from England.

Ibri Tour

A photo of Ibri taken from a hill overlooking the town.

Our colleague and part-time tourguide, Mohammed Ghadfri, as we started our one day tour of Ibri 2 Thursdays ago.
The group of those from Ibri College who signed up for a tour of Ibri

Jonathan with Ibri in the background

Ritchie getting a view of the other side of the mountain