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Official Invitation to the Shemali Household! (May 13th)

Said (14), Abdullah (19 – my student), Ali Salim Hamid Shemali (the father), Hamid (19 – Abdullah’s cousin), Omar (18) and Mohanmed (12).
I had such a wonderful visit and tour of the Al Araqi area of Ibri. My student, Abdullah Shemali, was the host and tour-guide. It was the first time I tried camel. (That’s in EATING it, not RIDING it, ha!ha!) Those of you less daring people, don’t be so disgusted. It was quite delicious!! Camel burgers anyone?! šŸ™‚

At “the mud house”, near Gabi Fort

Abdullah and his cousin, Hamid, at what they told me is called Gabi Fort

FOG in Ibri!

Last week there was a very thick and cool fog just outside of IbriĀ near IbriĀ College. It has been at least 3 years since fog has been reported in this desert town.

The weather has been heating up pretty quickly here and so the fog was really appreciated.
IF you are interestedĀ in learning more about fog in Oman (which is not that uncommon in the south near Salalah), check out:

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Baxter on the highest point of Ibri Fort

Tamyez and his wife, Lat

Baxter giving a royal salute to the Omani flag