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Capri Court at the Shangri-La

our table

We had a fabulous evening at Shangri-La’s upscale Italian restaurant, Capri Court, for our 4th anniversary yesterday.  Because I called early and made a reservation explaining it was for our anniversary, they put us in the most remote corner outside right next to the al Husn hotel cliff which was quite a romantic setting.al Husn hotel at night

inside restaurant 1

Whether sitting inside or outdoors, the ambience of Capri Court is quite charming.indoor seating

indoor seating 2

There is also this private room which is quite fancy and would serve well as a location for a business lunch/dinner:private room

Capri Court is located in Bandar Hotel, one of the 3 hotels located at Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa. As always, it’s great walking around the premises and taking in the sights of this gorgeous hotel.near stairway down to restaurants

staircase down

impressive scene in bandar hotel

nice lanterns

Enough about the hotel…let’s move unto the food! 🙂bread starters

Like most of the upscale Italian restaurants in Muscat, complimentary bread is served at the onset of your meal. Capri Court’s bread assortment was the most impressive of all the Italians restaurants we’ve tried which came withFoccacia Rosemary, Foccasia Sundried Tomato, Ciabata, Walnut and Grisini bread.fabulous drinks

Wild Mojito for him (X2=7.6 OR), Love mocktail for her (2.7 OR). Of course they also have a wide selection of wines on the menu. We loved the drinks!smoked salmon

This smoked salmon was sent over, compliments of the chef, as they felt our dishes were taking too long.  We actually enjoyed the whole non-rushed feel to our evening.minestrone

The Minestrone Soup (Zuppe-Minestrone di verdure) was delicous! (6.5 OR) “Capri Court Style” traditional vegetable soup with basil pesto. (contains nuts)traditional caesar salad

My wife loved her “Insalata dei Caesar” (Traditional Caesar salad) (7.5 OR) which is listed on the menu as “Chef’s Recommendation” with good reason. You can choose this salad with prawns, Gorgonzola cheese or chicken and as you can see my wife went with the prawns.  This dish would be good for anyone who likes quail eggs as they serve quite a number of them in this dish.Pappardelle Duck

I chose Capri Court’s signature pasta dish for my my main course: Pappardelle al ragu’ d’anatra, “Pappardelle pasta with stewed duck ragout, juniper berries and rosemary oil“. (7.5 OR) A fine dish.lamb chops

My wife went with the lamb chops, surprise, surprise! 🙂 Costolette d’agnello al forno con timo al limone e millefoglie di verdure – “Baked lamb chops with thyme and lemon flavor and vegetable millefeuilles“. (16 OR) My wife thought this dish was delicious.

Instead of one of the desserts on the menu, I surprised my wife when I had previously ordered this which the manager brought in perfect timing:anniversay cake

1/2 KG Cake (4 OR). A big thanks to the staff at Capri Court for an unforgettable evening out on our anniversary! 🙂

For the full menu, click here.  I think all restaurants should have their menus online like this.  We basically knew what we’d order and what we could expect to pay before we showed up at the restaurant!

Here’s the view you can expect at Capri Court, taken from their website:capri court shangri la

Have any of you been to Capri Court? If so, how was your experience?  If you do go, make sure to make a reservation! (Tel: 968-2477-6666)


“O Sole Mio”, Ristorante Italiano, Shatti Al Qurum

O Sole Mio is regarded as one of the best Italian restaurants in Muscat.  It’s located in Jawaharat Complex near the Intercontinental Hotel in Shatti.  It was closed down for quite a while for renovations and opened back up for business a little over 2 weeks ago.  We’ve enjoyed this restaurant quite a few times and it has a special place in our memories as it’s the restaurant I took my love to on the night that I proposed to her a little over 4 years ago.  When we went out recently with some close friends, we decided to eat there to see how it is since the renovations.

Penne Alfredo (4.9 OR)

2 of us (the men) tried the Lasagne al Forno (4.5 OR) which I thought was excellent.  My friend thought it was extremely hot (not spicy-hot but fresh-out-of-the-oven-piping-hot) but that’s what I loved about it.  I really enjoyed this dish!

The Blueberry Cheesecake (3 OR) was SO good and it looked like our guests really enjoyed their Cream Brulee (3 OR) as well which we enjoyed with our coffees.

I didn’t take a lot of photos as “O Sole Mio” is one of those restaurants that seems too upscale for shy old me to pull out my camera and start snapping away!  I did want to put up a pic to give you some quick idea of what the interior is like now.  Here’s a pic of our friends, Don and Debi who joined us for dinner:

Our friends, Debi and Don, recently relocated here from the United States.  Debi just started a blog that I follow.  It’s called Notes Home” and can be found by clicking on this link.

Have any of you been to O Sole Mio since it was renovated?! Is so, what do you think?  We really enjoyed our night out there and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a nice (licensed!) Italian restaurant in Muscat.  Make sure to make reservations if you do go as this place is quite busy most nights. (Tel: +968-2460-1343)

Come Prima at Crowne Plaza

Come Prima is an upscale Italian restaurant in Crowne Plaza which shares the same entrance, kitchen and even restaurant manager, Pravin D’souza.  The chefs for Come Prima, however, are not the same chefs for Shiraz, their Persian restaurant.  The Italian chef, Franchesco Quitino, serves up authentic Italian cuisine and has put together an impressive menu with plenty of choices.   You can sit indoors or when the weather is decent outdoors on their balconey overlooking Qurum Beach.

The Insalata Mare is a wonderful, mixed seafood appetizer. (RO 9.8)  It comes with squid rings, octopus, shrimps, mussels, lobster and clams served in a lemon dressing.

The Creamadipiseli soup was very good! Should be RO 4 but they made an error on the bill and charged us 8 rials for this soup so make sure you check the bill carefully!  This soup contains pork…(bits of crispy bacon)

The complimentary bread was fresh and delicious.

Minestrone Al Pesto Genovese (RO 3.5) was another delicious choice.

Only 3 soups available here.  Chickpea soup is the only one we didn’t try.

The mocktails, although sometime expensive at 2.5 rials each, are delicious and obviously as fresh as one would expect from a 5-star hotel restaurant.  The 2 pictured above are Life & Beauty (cucumber, watermelon, lime and pepper) and Scarlet (cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry, lime and passion fruit syrup).  The Scarlet mocktail is one of the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few over the years).

The sister-in-law enjoyed her Risotto All’Marinara (seafood risotto) (RO 8.5).  As you may notice the prices are significantly higher on the a la carte menu compared with other equally good Italian restaurants such as Pane Caldo.

Spaghetti Alla Tarantina was my dish (RO 8.9).  Despite the fact that I almost chipped my teeth several times on tiny bits of mussel shell embedded in the spaghetti, this was very tasty.

My wife’s dish was the Anatra Alla Arancha or “Duck with Orange Sauce” (RO 14).  It was a bit too sour for my wife’s taste but she was impressed with the options they give you for side dishes. (You get to select 2 of them.)

Our friend loved his Tonno Al Pistaccio Di Bronte which is a Tuna Steak crusted with Bronte Pistachios and herb oil (RO 10). (This also came with 2 side dishes to choose from: rosemary potatoes, classic eggplant parmigiana, potato pie and mixed salad.)

Our other guest of honor thought her Petto Di Pollo (Chicken breast with oyster mushrooms and truffles) was very good (RO 10.5) (with 2 sides)

Just look at the size of that pepper grinder, haha! It’s as big as the waitress!

If you want to enjoy lunch at Come Prima, I think the pronto lunch is your wisest choice.  Otherwise, the prices are just too high in my humble opinion.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to enjoy dinner out on the patio.  The breathtaking views over the Gulf of Oman make location one of this restaurants strongest selling points.  (Tel:+968-2466-0660 Ext. 4508)  http://www.cpmuscat.com

Tomato (Italian Restaurant), Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat

On the recommendation of Salalah-based blogger, DhofariGucci, we decided to check out “Tomato“, the Italian outdoor restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel.  (I had asked people for a list of their favorite spots to have dinner outside now that the weather is just starting to get bearable in Oman.)

Tomato is located on the groundfloor in the back of the Intercon.  I was quite surprised at how spacious the hotel grounds are.

Tomato is definitely a great place to enjoy an autumn evening out in Muscat.

The complimentary bread they serve is quite good, so if you’re not that hungry you can pass the appetizers/soups and go straight to the main course!  Appetizers range from 5 to 10 OR.  They only have 2 soups (5 rials) on the menu: Light chickpeas soup and tomato soup.

We were pleased with our appetizer, Zuppetta di Pesce.  It consists of Jumbo prawns, King fish, and mussles soup with tomato sauce and served with Toscano bread croutons. (RO 8.5)

There’s plenty of seating to choose from at Tomato.  Some of the chairs directly in front of the kitchen window are higher up like barstools and offer a better view of the live music.  With all the tables there, it’s not hard to find a quiet spot if you want to enjoy a quiet evening out with a loved one.

The main course I chose was Grigliata al Naturale which is supposed to be “Grilled mixed seafood served with crunchy salad and roasted potatoes”.  When I order “mixed seafood”, I assume there will be lobster, shrimps, prawns, calamari or oysters.  This dish should more aptly be named “mixed fish” as the seafood in it is entirely fish.  It was very good; it just wasn’t what I thought I had ordered. (RO 12)

My wife loves lamb so it was a no-brainer for her main course.  The official name of this dish is “Costata di Agnello arrosto con salsa ai pepercni rossi” (quite a moutful!).  “Oven baked lamb rack with red capsicum sauce served with roasted potatoes, pan-fried zucchini and gravy”. (RO 8.5)

The main courses range from 7 to 14 Omani rials.  The cheapest main course available is the calamari & shrimps (7 RO) and the most expensive is the grilled beef tenderloin (14 RO).  They have pastas (6-10 RO), pizzas (5-9.3 RO), and steaks (8.5 RO).  Some of the pizzas contain pork.

This is “Tortino morbido al Cioccolato” – Chocolate Fondant served with raspberry sauce. (RO 4)  I enjoyed it but my wife didn’t.  Besides this dish, there are 3 other desserts available: Tiramisu, Italian Gelato, and daily home-made cakes from their pastry chef. All desserts are 4 rials.

One of the highlights of dining at Tomato is the live music provided by the talented Argentinian performer, Aliana.  She performs 6 nights a week from Sunday to Friday, 7-10:30pm. (Saturday is her day off!)  She’s on contract at the Intercon till at least May of 2012 and sings just about everything, especially easy listening or light rock.  She also does requests.  Some of the songs we enjoyed hearing her sing included Bob Marley, “Every Breath You Take”, Cindi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “In My Life” (by the Beatles), “How Do I Live Without You?” and “You’re Beautiful“.  Here is a video of her singing”I’m Yours”:


Tomato is right next to the incredible Intercon pool.  The restaurant is open for lunch 11am-5:30pm (talk about a late lunch time, haha!) and open for dinner from 7pm-10:30pm.  Only pizzas are available between 5:30 and 7pm. Tel: (+968) 24680000 Ext. 8464  As at most of the major hotels, 17% tax is added to your bill.  Our total bill came to 33.93 RO and that was with an “Entertainer Oman discount coupon”)  Thanks again, Nadia, for the recommendation!  🙂  We really enjoyed our evening out at Tomato!  We will definitely try to make it back here!