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“Machine Gun Preacher” – Review

I was immediately intrigued when I heard that the title of one of the “Movies Coming Soon” to cinemas in Oman was “Machine Gun Preacher“.  These words sound like contradictory terms to anyone who knows the Lord.  Machine Guns are carnal weapons used to kill and destroy.  A Preacher is someone who should be called of God to preach the good news of salvation, bringing hope rather than death.  I was curious to know more about this movie that must be compelling enough to have Gerard Butler play the lead role.  I was afraid that it was going to be “Rambo wearing a cross as he guns down hundreds of thousands of people”.  Instead I found it to be a sobering tale about one man’s life efforts to bring good in an otherwise evil location.  In short, it’s “The true story of Pennsylvania (USA) biker, Sam Childer, who overcame a life of drugs and violence to embrace Christianity and wage a 13 year war to free enslaved children in Northern Uganda and southern Sudan, Africa.” (from www.machinegunpreacher.com)

Instead of ruining the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’ll just share some striking lines from the movie. And there were plenty!

I aint stripping no more.  It’s not right in the sight of God.”

Sam to wife who became born again while in prison: “You found God?!”    His wife’s reply: “He found me.”

Sam: “B*&%h found Jesus! Better him than the milkman.”                  Bar friend: “I’m not so sure.”

Sam to wife before going to church for the 1st time: “I don’t have any good shoes.”  Wife: “He don’t care what kind of shoes you’re wearing.”

Drug-addict friend: “I heard you followed Jesus.”  Sam: “A little bit.”    Friend: “Halleluia!” (sarcastically of course)

Later to the same friend who almost overdosed: “God don’t make trash, boy.  He aint given up on you.  Don’t you go and give up on Him.”

Last night I had a vision.  I know it sounds crazy but God spoke to me.”

That aint my speed no more.”

God is looking out for every one of you as well.  All you got to do is open up the door and let Him in.”

Talking about peace in a room somewhere is useless.  You go out and make it.”

He (leader of LRA) is offering money for my head.  I must be doing something right.”

I wish you was here to pray with me.”…”Sam, you really think God is going to forgive us for all we’ve done?”  (no response)

Wife to Sam: “You fight for everyone but us.”

Until someone stands up and fights for these kids, I’ll do it.”

We got no time.  We take the ones we can.”

I’m not waiting anymore for this to happen.  You see where waiting gets you.”

I’m done with the Lord.”

He’s living in the damn Taj Mahal. He gave me $150 for motherless children.  He spent more than that on salsa for his party.”

Sam, you can’t help them all.”  Sam: “Well, I can take these ones here.”

He calls himself a Christian (speaking of LRA leader) but I call him Satan.  He devours his people.”

If we allow ourselves to be full of hate, then they’ve won.  We must not allow them to take our hearts.”

Aaron Hendra, a musician, was asked by Sam Childers to make a song about his story and mission to save the children of Sudan.  Here is his song “One Man’s War” with a slideshow.  I LOVE the lyrics!!! “In this battlefield, God, please be My Guide.  If I hesitate, I will surely die.  Many other years, I lived on the other side.  Now a child’s sweet fate, I won’t leave behind.  When the morning comes, if I stand or bleed, You made me what I am.  Make me what You need….Plate my heart with steel till the day is done…Be my strength enough; win this fight for love…”

It was quite a long movie (2 hours and 3 minutes) but I can understand how each scene in this movie would be seen as necessary to the director in telling such a complicated story.  Some obviously won’t like it for its religious nature.  Some (like myself) will like it all the more.  The fact that it’s a real-life story makes it all the more a must-see in my books.  Here’s the trailer:

There is obviously a lot of controversy over this film.  Here is an article is USA Today titled, “Machine Gun Preacher is an Unholy Mess“.  This movie makes the viewer leave the theatre with more unanswered questions than answered ones about the whole mess in Sudan.  Perhaps that is a good thing.  There are plenty of unanswered questions about the faith of Sam Childers as well.  Can a born again Christian turn his back on the Lord? Would he neglect his own wife and children?  Why is there little or no mention of relying on prayer and the Word of God during his trials?  There seems to be more focus on guns than the Word of God in this movie and that is suspicious.  It leaves more holes in the story and his testimony than a block of Swiss cheese.