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A Sultan and His Mother’s Love

Sultan Qaboos was very close to his mother.  She was one of his main supporters as he was confined to the palace in Salalah in the years before he took power from his father on July 23rd, 1970.  The book “A Reformer on the Throne” reports that she would smuggle in copies of “The Times” to keep him up to date with what was going on in the outside world.  I’m not sure if a lot of expats are aware of it but this mosque was built in honor of his mother:  It is located in Mawalleh on Mazoun Street.  From “A Reformer on the Throne“: “Qaboos bin Said always had a particularly warm relationship with his mother.  During his most difficult years Sayyida Miyzun helped him find strength and faith in the future.  When he became Sultan he continued to value her advice and practical mind and he suffered a huge loss when she died (of diabetes) on 12 August 1992.  She was buried in her homeland Taqa, not far from Salalah.”  On the occasion of her death, a 3-day long state mourning was declared.  The locals of Taqa say that a jeep sometimes stops late at night at the ancient cemetery where she’s buried and the Sultan stands for long periods of time at her grave.  He obviously doesn’t want a crowd with him when he visits and that is why he visits at night.  Now when I drive by Mazoun Mosque in Mawalleh, I am reminded of the deep connection between mother and child and the honor he has bestowed on her.  A very touching story.