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Does the Crime Fit the Time? 3 Months /3 Years

From today’s edition of Muscat Daily’s Legal Roundup (on page 3).  3 years for stolen phone.

Here’s a link to another jail sentence report from the same paper dated March 31st of this year.  Death of a 4 year old girl forgotten in school bus – 3 months in jail.

Priorities: People or Possessions?

Cable theft=5 years. Selling of human beings for sexual exploitation=1.5 months.  Trying to wrap my mind around such this discrepancy in handing out jail terms as found in Muscat Daily’s March 28th “legal roundup“.  It reminded me of a Bible study I took part in with Pastor Michael Peppin looking at Revelation chapter 18, verses 11 to 13.  It shows the priorities of the world just before God’s judgment of the world.  It lists “gold” at the head of the list (most important) and ends with “human beings sold as slaves” (the least important to them therefore found last on the list).