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“Sailing-Car” on Shatti Al Qurum Beach

sail cars    The light of the sun on the wave-beaten sand,

gives the brilliance of midday to my eyes as I stand.

when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

but a miniature “car” and a sail in full gear!sailing along qurum  Cool ride or what?! 🙂  I’ve love to have me one of them!

Life in Muscat, Oman – I Always Feel Like I’m on Vacation!

This pic was taken quickly (“drive-by shooting”) while in Shatti Al Qurum.  Just a quick reminder to myself about how sweet life in Muscat can be, especially now that the weather is FINALLY cooling down to that perfect evening temperature.  While many pay thousands of dollars to come and enjoy a few days or maybe a week’s vacation here in the Sultanate (if they’re lucky), I am blessed to live here on a daily basis. It reminds me of that quote that says, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day of your life.”  Of course I work very hard (have to put that out there in case the employer ever reads this, haha!) but life (even with all the challenges as an expat) is so very good here in Muscat, Oman.  AH, Life IS good! 🙂

Top 5 Cities in MENA (Middle East & North Africa)

Muscat has made the list of the top 5 cities in the Middle East & North Africa!

The major objectives of this report were:

  • to understand the opinion of people living in the Middle East about the city they reside in.
  • to assess the key cities in the Middle East on various aspects that have direct impact on the Quality of Life of its residents.

Click here to read the entire report which consists of 85 pages.

Muscat Voted “2nd Best City to Visit in 2012” by Lonely Planet!

It comes as no surprise to me that Muscat is voted 2nd Best City to Visit in 2012.  I’m telling you, folks, “Muscat is the place to be!”

Anyone who’s into international travel will automatically recognize the tour guidebook company “Lonely Planet” and should recognize that this is quite a thing for Muscat to be #2 on their list!

Here is one of many articles announcing the results of “Best Cities to Visit 2012”.  They voted the following cities as the best tourist destinations for 2012:

1. London
2. Muscat, Oman
3. Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
4. Cadiz, Spain
5. Stockholm
6. Guimaraes, Portugal
7. Santiago, Chile
8. Hong Kong
9. Orlando, Florida, USA
10. Darwin, Australia

I’m pretty sure that London is only in the 1st position because of the Olympics.  With the launching of the incredible Royal Opera House Muscat, I personally (in my unbiased opinion) think that Muscat should be #1!

Proud of my city!  🙂

***Nov 5 update: Here is another article giving reasons why those specific cities were selected.

Amerat/Bouscher Road – Dangerous but with Gorgeous Views of Muscat!