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Full Moon Beach Buffet at the Shangri-La

ImageIt was real honor to be invited by Rasha Al Mandari and the gang at Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa for their very 1st “Full Moon Beach Buffet” which was a smashing success! Image moon and sign let the eating begin appetizersThe appetizers were so good! I wasn’t able to get all the food choices in these pics as otherwise it would have been a 40 pic blogpost!   shangrila chefsThe chefs are ready to cook you up whatever you desire. whatever you like ingrid and chef shresthaIngrid Hotanijaya (Communications Executive) and Chef Lila Shrestha king fishKing Fish. I couldn’t believe the size of these fish! eihab and rasha2 more of our favorite folks at the Shangri-La: Eihab Attia (Communications Manager) and Rasha al Madani (Restaurants Marketing Manager). shangrila bandThe live band was fantastic! Here is a clip of them playing, “Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?“:lots of drinks availableAlmost every guest who attended the full moon buffet opted for the full course deal which included unlimited beverages including: house red&white wines, Mojito cocktails (awesome!) and a couple of choices of beer as well. one of my platesJust a quick pic of one of my plates! The food was phenomenal!dessertsAlways leave space for dessert! 🙂great social eventIngrid and Eihab pictured with Khalid Orabi, the editor of Al Isbou’a, Oman’s free Arabic weekly.  It’s the Arabic version of the popular “The week” English publication. It was an amazing evening socializing with such fascinating people!Whatshappening blogger and husbandWe had a table right next to Dahlia Al Riyami and her husband, Mohammed.  Dahlia runs the wonderful blog “Aish Elaqtta” (one of my favorites!) which is Arabic for “What’s Happening?“.  Here’s another clip of the live band. In this clip, you can hear them performing, “Red Red Wine“, “I Saw Her Standing There“, “I Feel Good“, a Spanish tune called “Besame Mucho” and “Moondance” (so appropriate for “Full Moon buffet”!). I was not surprised to learn that the talented singer is in fact a Filipina! 😉susan and maurizioIt’s always nice to meet up with this super social couple! Susan is the owner of Totem clothing. I just blogged about their new shop opening at MGM.  She has also started a new food blog, called “HeyFatsu“.  Her husband, Maurizio, runs the ever popular Muscat-Collective-Intelligence blog and is a social media expert and organizer.     down by the shoreThese guys had the right idea; they selected the Arabic style seating on cushions near the beach! Scott Armstrong is on the far left. He is the new Chief Executive Editor of the Times of Oman and we wish him all the best with his new post.      European touristsGot a pic of this friendly European couple enjoying a romantic evening on the beach. They were staying at the Bander Hotel. (Just in case you get the wrong idea that it was only bloggers and members of the media at this buffet! 🙂 ) There were plenty of guests who enjoyed the full buffet + all you can drink.  If you plan on attending the next Full Moon Beach Buffet, I would highly recommend making a reservation at (+968)2477-6666.lantern at shore bandar beach and moon I think Shangri-La plans on having another Full Moon Beach Buffet in April.  I’m guessing that the evenings will be too hot and humid from May to September.  Details: 35OR++ including wine,beers, soft drinks, signature cocktails and non alcoholic beverage. Food only: 20++, Beverage 15++


Our Unforgettable Stay at the Hilton Salalah Resort

Last Thursday we left the house at 4am and drove 1,024 kms down to beautiful Salalah to enjoy the long weekend.  This was my 3rd time driving down to Salalah from Muscat (the 1st trip was 5 years ago) and definitely the best trip so far as we had the entire family with us, including my sister-in-law, Maritess.  Having the family with me made it so much more enjoyable.  Where we ended up staying also made a HUGE difference!

This was our view of the Hilton Salalah Resort from the main road as we arrived in the early afternoon.

We really appreciated the hospitality of the staff at the Hilton.  Here is Mr. Shakeer greeting us with welcome drinks!  In all our hotel/resort stays in Oman, this was only the 2nd time that we’ve been greeted so warmly with welcome drinks! (The other place was Sifawy Boutique Hotel.)  It leaves a lasting impression, especially after a long trip from Muscat! 🙂

There is so much to do at the Hilton Salalah Resort with 4 restaurants, fantastic pools and gorgeous grounds to walk around.

Lots of space and great lighting in our comfy Twin Hilton Guest Room!  If you go to the Hilton Salalah Hilton website and type in imagined dates of stay, room type and number of guests, I’m sure you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was at just how reasonable their rates are! (Check out their “Best Rates Guarantee page“.)

Balcony with garden and sea view

Room service! Great menu choices-great food!

Breakfast buffet in Al Maha restaurant was a real treat both mornings!

The chefs are more than happy to cook whatever dish you want, whatever style you desire.

Notice the free “Coffee 2 Go” station at the entrance of Al Maha restaurant which really impressed my wife. 🙂  It’s those small details, folks!

Some delicious pastries for sale that got my son’s attention at Mayfair Cafe! (Most of these goodies were also available at the buffet!)  Great views over the hotel garden and Indian Ocean from the Cafe.  You can also browse the internet with free Wi-Fi there.  You can also read books, enjoy games and watch TV on the widescreen.  Seemed like a very popular area for hanging out.

With all the pics about eating, it may be a good time to mention that they have a state of the art gym at the Hilton!  In addition to this fitness room, they also have a jogging track, pools, a walking track, scuba-diving and windsurfing to keep you in shape.

Palm Grove is the Hilton’s “beachside restaurant with breathtaking panoramic landscapes providing the perfect backdrop for your evening. A snack menu is available for light bites for you to enjoy during the day.”

Lovely beach scene at the Hilton Resort! If you’re a real romantic, the resort even prepares private dinner on request at one of their beachside gazebos (pictured here) to make your stay even more memorable.

Well, it may seem like I’ve gone overboard with the pics, but these are just a handful of the hundreds I took during our relaxing stay at the gorgeous Hilton Salalah Resort.  We were so impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the entire staff which made our stay there even more comfortable and memorable.  If you ever plan a trip to Salalah and wonder where you should stay, I highly recommend the Hilton Salalah Resort.

One thing you might not realize until planning such a trip is that the Hilton Salalah Resort is the closest hotel to Al Mughsayl Beach, Al Marnif Cave and Al Fazayih Beach which are popular tourist destinations (and with good reason).

Have any of you stayed in the Hilton Salalah Resort?  If so, how was your experience?  As impressive as ours?  Tel: +968-2321-1234, Fax: +968-2321-0084, Email: salalah@hilton.com, Reservations: www.salalah.hilton.com

Our Stay at Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

We are big fans of the Shangri-La just outside Muscat at Barr Al Jissah.  We’ve enjoyed several restaurants there including Shahrazard (Moroccan Restaurant), the new Asia restaurant and feasted like kings and queens at the Al Tanoor seafood buffet as well as Samba’s international buffet.  We jumped at this summer’s opportunity for residents to stay at this fine hotel for only 60 OR which included all taxes and buffet breakfast.

Because we came with kids, we stayed at Al Waha Hotel pictured here. There are actually 3 hotels at the Shangri-La: Al Waha (mostly for families with kids), Al Bandar and Al Husn (which is an adults only luxury hotel).

All guests get this nice resort map which comes in very handy as there is plenty to see and do!

My wife got a quick pic of me swimming (on the right) as the sun was setting.

This is very shallow pool that our son enjoyed a lot during our stay.  Al Waha is a parents paradise as there is so much for the kids to do here, including the SplashPad and Adventure Zone.  They also have babysitting services (for a small fee) if you want to enjoy a romantic evening at one of their fine restaurants.

Of course there’s nothing like enjoying room service at the Shangri-La!

You can always get a beverage from Assira Bar when hanging out by the pool. (orange juice was 2.5 rials…) Like the Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Hotel, they provide ice cold bottled water in a small cooler for all guests lounging at the pool!

The pools at the Shangri-La are fantastic! And as I blogged about already, the Lazy River is also a lot of fun and a definite must-do at the Shangri-La.

There are plenty of recreational activities for every member of the family, including: kayaking, camel and horse ride, “turtle talk” tour for the kids, table tennis, badminton, billiards and snooker, water polo, beach volleyball, triathlon fun and mini-golf.  The Recreational Activity timetable is provided in the room brochure.  The hotel even provides free shuttle service to Muttrah Souk and to Qurum City Centre (with a stop at Bait al Zubair Museum available on request).

Giant sized game of chess, anyone? 😉

Some great family memories were had here!

Just to confirm – No, we did not climb into a time machine and enjoy our stay 90 years from now in the year 2102. Our stay was in fact in the year 2012. 🙂

Shangri-La remains our favorite hotel/resort in the Sultanate for so many reasons.  Any other great fans of Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa out there?  If so, what do you enjoy most about the resort?  Reservations can be made at their website, www.shangri-la.com/muscat or through email at slmu@shangri-la.com  (Tel: (968) 2477-6666