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National Geographic Video on Oman

“Oman: An Arabian Renaissance” on US Television Network

Nice video that was posted on US Television Network.  Check it out if you have 28 minutes to spare and want to learn more about our fascinating sultanate!

In a region notorious for religious extremism and unrest, Oman stands out as an oasis of peace.” Amen and may it always continue to be so!  🙂

Oman: The New Explorers

“Filmed during the spring of 2011, this eight-minute film features people who explain what Oman means to them and what living and working in the Sultanate offers.

The title ‘New Explorers’ encapsulates the excitement and sense of purpose of the people interviewed in the film — evoking the spirit of Oman’s ancient navigators and explorers who set forth to explore new horizons and discover new lands, and like our ‘new explorers’ taking Oman’s offer to the world.

We have big ambitions for the future of Oman and the ‘New Explorers’ film is a symbol of this ambition. We hope it encourages you to give the Sultanate serious consideration when choosing a place to work, invest, convene or visit as a tourist.”