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Wadi Bini Khalid (Part 2) – Mukal Cave and Water Pools


one of many signs

locals swimming

yet another sign

great spot

depths of water

beauty of oman

unusual sign

walking towards cave

hiking trail

pools and mini falls

swimming in pools

lots of swimming going on

fine day for swimming

walkway at bini khalid




National Geographic Video on Oman

Artwork on Display at QCC

Image If you love art and happen to be somewhere in the Qurum area, you might want to stop in Qurum City Centre to check out some fantastic artwork currently on display on the ground floor.Image                                       Riyam Park in Muttrah                           ImageI really love this piece! Unfortunately the artist or artists weren’t around to answer questions about prices when I was there at noon today.                                        ImageImageImageImageDoes that read “Jasim & Suliyam”? Hard to make out the artist’s (or artists’) name on the bottom of each painting.  Anyone have any info on whose artwork is on display there?ImageImage                                   Camel Kiss! A masterpiece! 😉

Just one more thing I love about Oman: you never know what you’re going to see next.  Tip: always have a camera with you when traveling around Oman!

Muscat Festival 2014 Stage Performances – Amerat Park


Beautiful Oman Filmed in Sizzling Indian Song “Jiya” for the Movie “Gunday”

The Daily Mail says this song is “set to make temperatures soar”.  With the cool temperatures brought on by the recent rains, let’s hope so! 🙂

Anyone recognize which exact areas of Oman are in this video?  I’m pretty sure I recognize the dhow (Arabian boat) and area of Bandar Khiran from 1:19-1:22 and again at 2:08-209.  The mountains and hills of Oman are so beautiful that most of the shots could have been filmed just about anywhere.

This song was published on youtube just 6 days ago (Jan. 15, 2014) and already has more than 507,000 views!