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What’s that Spaceship on the Hill?! Al Riyam Park in Muttrah, Oman!!

incenseburnerandtree  This giant incense (frankincense) burner is a well-known landmark in Oman.  I’m sure many tourists wonder just what it is when they first see it!  It’s located in an incredibly beautiful family/childrens park called “Al Riyam Park” and is located in Muttrah as you drive along the coast past the Muttrah Souq and the forts on your right. incenseburnercloseup  Here’s a close-up of the giant  frankincense burner on a very cloudy day. (Thursday, March 26th)burneroncloudydayrulesrulesrules  I just love signs like this!  I especially love point F which gives the image of humans using giant “litter boxes” (like kitty litter boxes) to do their business in, ha!ha!myloveonabench  There are many benches for visitors here at this lovely park (which has no entrance fee!) and so many places to have a picnic on the grass.rainwater  This was from the rain just hours before.  Yes, it rains here from time to time!Myhoney  Peekaboo! chewithbushes  As you can see, there are many wide, green areas at the park.meandburner greatview  Check out the gorgeous view in the background of the cliffs on one side of the park with the sea  and Muttrah Port on the other!  This park is terraced and has a space of over 100,000 square meters!rest area  Check out that nice rest area!becarefulforcrocodiles  You should be warned that there is a crocodile that has been spotted in this park and is known for devouring the occasional tourist or two! (with a particular craving for silly Canadians!)cheandcrocodile  Looks good enough to eat!Andyandgiantpineapple  I personally think that “James and The Giant Peach” is one of the best children books ever written.  Many people are unfamiliar with Roald Dahl’s less successful sequel, “Andy and the Giant Pineapple”.  🙂cheandgiantpineapple  The pineapple of my eye! ha!ha! 🙂cheandamusementparkentrance  Che at the entrance to “Riyam Amusement Park” which is located near the top of Riyam Park.  No entrance fee here and plenty of amusement rides for the kids!  Here is a list of the rides and prices to give you an idea:amusementridepricesexampleofsomeridescheandtraintracksRiyamRA  This is the “Water Pitcher Monument” located at Riyam Roundabout.  This is where you turn to get to Riyam Park.RiyamRoundaboutandPort  Riyam R/A with Muttrah Port in the backgroundaseveningapproaches  One last photo while we were leaving the park.  The incense burner lit up just minutes before we left.  By the way, that is just a replica; it doesn’t actually light incense!  I must have driven by this park dozens of times during the last year but this was our first visit.  Definitely worth parking the car and taking a look around!  Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Riyam Park!  🙂