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Fazayah Beach(es): Our Salalah Tour (Part 5 of 5)

In this last post from our incredible tour from Al Fawaz Tours in Salalah Oman, we wanted to finish with these gorgeous views and beautiful beaches.  Enjoy the following pics and videos.  This is definitely a place I’d recommend exploring if you ever get the chance to visit Salalah!Fazayih Beach 1

Fazayeh Beach is actually a 7 km stretch of coast that has at least 6 different beaches.  This point, at the far end of the 7pm ride, is the well known “lookout spot” which really sells the place.Fazayah Beach 2

If you look closely, you’ll see a small beach (“Beach 1”) just below the cliff on the righthand side.  While we were enjoying this view, there were a few tourists swimming there.  This beach, great for privacy, can be reached by a steep climb down on the right.Fazayah Beach 3

Fazayah Beach 4

These first 4 pics were taken with the 16 mega pixel Canon Powershot A810 on Super Vivid mode.  Here is a short video taken with the same camera: Here are 2 more pics of the same viewpoint with my new EOS 550D (18 mega pixels):Fazayah 5

Fazayah 6

And now a video with the EOS 550D in HD: A short drive later, this was the scene looking back towards Mughsayl Beach:Fazayah 7

The next 2 photos are from a beach (I’ll call “Beach #2”) that our tourguide affectionately referred to as “Swede Beach” because of “all the Swedish tourists who seem to prefer this beach over all others”.Fazayah 8

Fazayah 9

A video of this popular swimming spot: elephant rock

“Elephant Rock”!  🙂fazayah 11

I’ll call this beautiful spot “Fisherman’s Cove” (Beach #3). Obviously not the best place to swim as you might disturb the fisherman but definitely worth a short visit if you’re already at Fazayah.  You can also buy some freshly caught fish here if you can communicate the need to the mostly Pakistani fishermen (preferably in Arabic).fazayah 13

fazayah 13fazayah 14fazayah 15

fazayah 16Fazayah 17These Pakistani fishermen may not look so friendly at first glance, but they were very kind to us.  They gave our tourguide, Marhad, 2 big fish and 1 squid that we had fried at the restaurant near Maghsayl Beach on our way back to the Hilton.fazayah 18

This is the beach (Beach #4) where we spent a good deal of time swimming.  We had it all to ourselves!fazayah 19

fazayah 20

Here’s a video of our swimming spot for the day: fazayah 21

On our ride back along the 7 kms coastline at Fazayah, we arrive at Beach #5 where some Europeans were enjoying a swim.fazayah 22

fazayah 23This is the last beach (Beach #6)  which is right at the foot of the gravel road which leads down to Fazayah Beach from the hairpin bend road.  It looks like another great spot for swimming.  Because it’s the first beach once getting off the road, it’s no doubt the first one to be used be travelers.  As you see, the travelers pictured here seem to have made themselves quite comfortable and were even doing some fishing.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Fazayah Beach and the other 4 posts from our tour.  It was one of the highlights of our trip to Salalah.  A big thanks to Mr. Ali from the Hilton Salalah once again for setting up this incredible tour for us.

Have any of you been to Fazayah Beach?  If so, in which beach area did you end up camping/swimming/picnicing? How was it?


Our Salalah Tour (Part 4 of 5): Scenic Road to Fizayah Beach

After Mughsail Beach (part 1 of tour) and our twisting drive down the hairpin bend road towards Fazayah Beach (part 2) (which took us past a gorgeous “secret beach”-part 3), we finally reached the 6-km gravel road to Fazayeh.

It’s always cool to see camels on the coast! 🙂

4X4 is not mandatory for this road, but it’s recommended!  Our tourguide mentioned that the road was constructed only about 2 years back.

This spot is where the road shifts from heading towards the cliff to heading towards the beach(es) of Fazayeh below.  Forgive what seems like repetitive shots. Each one has its own beauty and so I wanted to share each of them for (what I think are) their different focal points.

I’m usually the guy behind the camera, but every now and then the family insists on a shot of me.  This is one of my favorite daddy/Naomi pics from our vacation! 🙂

I think you can get a pretty decent idea of how awesome the Fazayah beaches are from some of these photos.  The tourist maps/sites always mention “Fazayah” Beach but there are at least 5 distinct beaches that I will share with you in the next and final post from our incredible tour with Al Fawaz Tours.  You won’t believe some of the images!

Our Salalah Tour (Part 1 of 5): Mughsayl Beach / Marnif Cave

While staying at the Hilton Salalah Resort, the Sales Manager, Ali Malik, organized a personal tour for us (from Al Fawaz Tours) to take us wherever we wanted to go for the day! WOW!  His motivation?  He’s familiar with my blog and so he graciously offered a tour of Salalah as he thought that my readers would love to see what Salalah has to offer! That is Salalah hospitality for you!  Thanks again, Mr. Malik! What a treat!  🙂

This was our tour-guide for the day, Mahad Issa; a Salalah local with 14 years of tourguide experience with a passion for tourism and all things Salalah. (99485040 if you’re ever in Salalah and need an experienced tourguide)  He picked us up after breakfast for a full-day tour that shall not be forgotten anytime soon!

Here is a quick video to show you a bit of the beauty west of Salalah as we drove to Mughsail: Here is the New Zealand website Stuff’s article Mahad was referring to in the video that lists Mughsayl Beach as the 10th top beach in the world!  As they mention in that article, Mughsayl is “certainly worth the visit“!

Maghsail Bay Beach

Check out the dolphin in the water! And so close to shore!

Now 2 dolphins!

Salalah is a real birdwatcher’s paradise.

Marnif Cave and the famous blowholes in the distance

Unfortunately, the blowholes were not “working” when we visited this time.  Summer, during the monsoon rains (known as “Khareef“) is the best time to experience the famous Mughsayl blowholes.  Here is a video of one of them at full strength from my trip to Salalah in the summer of 2010:

It’s a gorgeous time of year to visit Salalah.  Some people only think of visiting during the “green season” which is in the summer.  There are benefits of going November to March such as:

  • Less crowds!
  • Better conditions for swimming
  • Scuba diving season in Salalah!
  • Lower prices at many hotels/resorts

Stay tuned for parts 2 to 5 of our incredible tour of Salalah!  (FYI, Al Fawaz offers tours in English, French, German and of course Arabic as well.)

Our Unforgettable Stay at the Hilton Salalah Resort

Last Thursday we left the house at 4am and drove 1,024 kms down to beautiful Salalah to enjoy the long weekend.  This was my 3rd time driving down to Salalah from Muscat (the 1st trip was 5 years ago) and definitely the best trip so far as we had the entire family with us, including my sister-in-law, Maritess.  Having the family with me made it so much more enjoyable.  Where we ended up staying also made a HUGE difference!

This was our view of the Hilton Salalah Resort from the main road as we arrived in the early afternoon.

We really appreciated the hospitality of the staff at the Hilton.  Here is Mr. Shakeer greeting us with welcome drinks!  In all our hotel/resort stays in Oman, this was only the 2nd time that we’ve been greeted so warmly with welcome drinks! (The other place was Sifawy Boutique Hotel.)  It leaves a lasting impression, especially after a long trip from Muscat! 🙂

There is so much to do at the Hilton Salalah Resort with 4 restaurants, fantastic pools and gorgeous grounds to walk around.

Lots of space and great lighting in our comfy Twin Hilton Guest Room!  If you go to the Hilton Salalah Hilton website and type in imagined dates of stay, room type and number of guests, I’m sure you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was at just how reasonable their rates are! (Check out their “Best Rates Guarantee page“.)

Balcony with garden and sea view

Room service! Great menu choices-great food!

Breakfast buffet in Al Maha restaurant was a real treat both mornings!

The chefs are more than happy to cook whatever dish you want, whatever style you desire.

Notice the free “Coffee 2 Go” station at the entrance of Al Maha restaurant which really impressed my wife. 🙂  It’s those small details, folks!

Some delicious pastries for sale that got my son’s attention at Mayfair Cafe! (Most of these goodies were also available at the buffet!)  Great views over the hotel garden and Indian Ocean from the Cafe.  You can also browse the internet with free Wi-Fi there.  You can also read books, enjoy games and watch TV on the widescreen.  Seemed like a very popular area for hanging out.

With all the pics about eating, it may be a good time to mention that they have a state of the art gym at the Hilton!  In addition to this fitness room, they also have a jogging track, pools, a walking track, scuba-diving and windsurfing to keep you in shape.

Palm Grove is the Hilton’s “beachside restaurant with breathtaking panoramic landscapes providing the perfect backdrop for your evening. A snack menu is available for light bites for you to enjoy during the day.”

Lovely beach scene at the Hilton Resort! If you’re a real romantic, the resort even prepares private dinner on request at one of their beachside gazebos (pictured here) to make your stay even more memorable.

Well, it may seem like I’ve gone overboard with the pics, but these are just a handful of the hundreds I took during our relaxing stay at the gorgeous Hilton Salalah Resort.  We were so impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the entire staff which made our stay there even more comfortable and memorable.  If you ever plan a trip to Salalah and wonder where you should stay, I highly recommend the Hilton Salalah Resort.

One thing you might not realize until planning such a trip is that the Hilton Salalah Resort is the closest hotel to Al Mughsayl Beach, Al Marnif Cave and Al Fazayih Beach which are popular tourist destinations (and with good reason).

Have any of you stayed in the Hilton Salalah Resort?  If so, how was your experience?  As impressive as ours?  Tel: +968-2321-1234, Fax: +968-2321-0084, Email: salalah@hilton.com, Reservations: www.salalah.hilton.com

This & That Around Salalah

Well, this should be the last post about my wonderful trip down to Salalah.  There was so much to see and do and I obviously didn’t get a chance to see it all.  For this last post on Salalah, I leave you with pics that didn’t really belong elsewhere and so this could be called my “Leftovers from Salalah post“!  🙂  I was excited to see this free programme of what’s going on during the Salalah Tourism Festival in my hotel room, but when I opened it up…  I asked the hotel clerk if they had an English version.  The simple answer: “No!” I still can’t believe that they promote the Salalah Tourism Festival so much and then only present a copy of events in Arabic.  Bizarre!  They need to remember that tourists are not only Arabic speakers from around the Gulf but some people come from various areas of the world.  I think it wouldn’t be asking too much to get a programme in English!  As advertised in major English newspapers of Oman  If you do make it down to Salalah, take advantage of the fact that there’s such an abundance of exotic fruit there!  So many fruitstand vendors are avaiable to whip you up a delicious and healthy smoothie! Mmm! The wise tourists buy plenty of their favorite fruits on their way out of Salalah to enjoy in the comfort of home.  Al Maruj Amphitheatre is where many of the festival concerts and performances take place. (Again, non-Arabic speakers would not be able to know what was going on so most would probably know nothing of this theatre…)  Plenty of interesting roundabouts in Salalah! You have to find a good spot to park your car to get a photo though which can be hard at times!  🙂  This is driving out towards the airport.  This is how the main roads of Salalah look. Lush palm trees on each side of the road (with hardworking Indian labourers dressed in orange outfits cleaning up trash and tending the grass/trees).                                                                                                                        One shouldn’t discuss Salalah without any mention (or picture!) of Frankincense trees!  This was taken at a Frankincense tree roundabout on the road leading to Thumrayt.  It requires some “backbone” to brave the dangerous roads of Salalah, often blocked with cows and camels and in low visibility due to Monsoon rains.  My single room at Al-Hanaa Hotel.  Al-Hanaa Hotel has been a great (cheap!) option for me the last 2 times I’ve been to Salalah. (The first time, in September 2007, I stayed in Dhofar Hotel which wasn’t bad either.)    I spend most of my time driving around enjoying the sites, so I would think that getting a luxurious room that I would spend little time in (a few hours of sleep really)to be a big waste of $ for me.  It’s just across the street and around the corner from Lulu’s hypermarket.  You can’t beat those prices! Tel (+968)23290274/2398305 email: alhanaa@omantel.net.om It’s only a 2-star hotel and I would only recommend this place to those who are not fussy and just want a cheap place to lay their heads down each night. Backpacker types really.  Other hotel options include Crowne Plaza Resort ***** (23235333), Hilton Salalah Resort ***** (23211234), Haffa House Hotel *** (23295444), Hamilton Plaza Hotel *** (23211025), Dhofar Hotel *** (23290484), Redan Hotel ** (23292266), Salalah Hotel ** (23295332), Darbat Hotel ** (23295879), Al Mazuna Hotel ** (99293400), Bamasir Hotel ** (23202556), Al Jabal Hotel ** (23210611), An Nasr Hotel * (23294815), Thumrayt Hotel * (23279371)

One last photo and piece of advice.  Don’t worry if you didn’t bring an umbrella or a hat to Salalah for the Monsoon rainy reason (July-September)…  You get get 2-for-1 with the famous “Salalah Umbrella Hat” available just about anywhere in Salalah for only 500 baizas each!  🙂