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The Queen at Al Alam Palace

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II (aka QEII), is scheduled to leave Oman this morning after wrapping up a 4-day visit here in Oman.  These are historic and exciting days to be living in Oman!!!

(pic from “The Daily Mail” in the UK)

I managed to watch live coverage of the Queen being paraded through Old Muscat and then welcomed at the official palace (Al Alam) of Sultan Qaboos.  This first clip is of the procession through Old Muscat for Queen Elizabeth II.  2nd video clip: Here is a wonderful little clip I managed to videotape from live coverage off Oman TV for any of you out there that are interested.  It already has 153 views after only 13 hours of posting.  (Will post a bit of the parade later when I get a chance.)  Anyone hear about the possibility of Obama coming to Oman very soon?…That’s what a little bird told me…

Click here to read a fascinating comparison of the Queen and the Sultan by one of the bloggers I try to keep up with, Sultanate Social.  Here is a humorous yet respectful take on the official greeting (with great pics) by another blogger known as “OmaniPrincess (but Not Omani!)”  Finally, here is a fascinating look at the lavish gifts Sultan Qaboos gave to the Queen. (Thanks to Blu-Chi for the link!)  One trait of the Sultan which I find extremely admirable is his incredible generosity.

I love the fact that Oman and England have signed a treaty of friendship that is to last for eternity.  The document dated 1800 states, “the friendship between the two nations should endure till the end of time or until the sun and moon cease their revolving careers”. (from a Nov. 27th article in the Oman Observer).  Such lovely use of language!  In today’s language I guess we’d say that Oman and the UK are BFFs or “Best Friends Forever!  :-)