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Totem Boutique, MGM

Image Totem Boutique is now open in Muscat Grand Mall!  We were there at 6pm on Thursday for their official opening.

totem cardImage  If you consider yourself a “fashionista”, this is definitely a shop for you.ImageImageImageEven their changing rooms are incredibly fashionable!ImageThey have all kinds of jewelry at Totem, both on the wall and also laid out among the clothing items.  They have these great one-of-a-kind watch pieces (not pictured) that my wife really liked and so she picked one up for something like 19 OR.fashionable clothesmore clothes at totemMy wife loved the items in the store and we ended up staying a lot longer than I expected, haha! She picked up the cute orange handbag pictured at the top of the rack in the picture above for something like 34 OR.totem from the backsusan and crew at totemThat’s Susan (the owner, in the middle!) pictured with her employees, Riazal and May, on opening day.cupcakes on opening dayCupcakes on opening day from Cake Gallery!Totem is here MGMTotem is a great addition to the Muscat Grand Mall. Tel: (+968) 94101901.  They are into Social Media bigtime! You can find them on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/totemclothing, on instagram @totemclothing, on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/liketotem, and they have their own blog at http://www.cometototem.blogspot.com.  You can also shop online with them at http://www.come-to-totem.com.

Here’s a nice article in Muscat Daily about Totem’s opening published 2 days later.  You can spot me in the pic they used talking to Maurizio, Susan’s husband. 🙂

TOTEM Clothing’s 7 Year Anniversary (& Sale!!!)

Image  Congratulations to Susan Proctor and her team for their 7th anniversary of being in business!!!Image     This is a rather late post but today, Feb 7th, for 7 hours (1pm to 8pm), selected items will be offered at the special price of OMR 7! (They are located in Jawharat Shatti mall near the Intercon but will be opening soon in MGM and another branch to open in Salalah, I believe.)Image     If you’re not familiar with TOTEM, check out their website here and shop online. They have shipped to every continent in the world except Antarctica. (Like Susan explained, “Penguins have no style!” 😉 )   Image     Here’s their facebook page.ImageYou can follow TOTEM on twitter (like I do!) at: http://www.twitter.com/totemclothing .  Several photos of items on sale for 7 rials are in their most recent tweets.ImageImageAll these pics are from inside the shop.Image1536733_10152155399709266_1104545896_n                  Haha! Love this pic!

Get on down to the shop while you can, ladies. Only a little over 4 hours left of this 7 year anniversary sale. (Tel: Site:  +968 97772400  Shop:  +968 94101901)