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Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery, North Al Hail

zanzibar restaurant  Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery is one of the best places in Oman to try authentic Zanzibari food.  It’s located in North Hail, exactly one roundabout north of the Wave up the coast.      selecting food  You should go inside and point out which food you’d like to have from behind the glass.  You could also just have a seat and ask one of the waiters to see the menu.  It’s always nice to see what it is you’re ordering.  I tried getting pics of all the different types of food you can order there.  This is mainly a post of pics and I recommend going there to try it out for yourself.  Good, cheap food!like a cafeteria juices snacks yum yum rice and more more yummy stuff specials appetizers grills tastes better than it looks sticky substance all kinds of goodies  another great food cooking soups sandwiches dessert hotdrinks dish 1 dish 2 dish 3 main dishes one of the dessert like dishes  great breadgreat soup  The soup was incredibly good!great company  It’s always so much nicer to go to such local restaurants with Omani friends! 🙂fresh bread and such  Let’s not forget that this Zanzibari restaurant is also a bakery.  As you see here, you can order some products near the door to take home with you.zanzibar sign  I was really impressed with this gem of a spot that is quite famous to the locals but often overlooked by foreigners.   Would you believe that the total bill was only 8.5 rials?!  And we ate LIKE KINGS!  This is a definite “must try” for you foodies out there.  GSM numbers for restaurant: 99201536, 92408212, 98534311zanzibar logo and info