Omantel Home Gateway Huawei HG530

Omantel Home Gateway Huawei HG530
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51 responses to “Omantel Home Gateway Huawei HG530

  1. hi,
    do you know of to backup the configuration files for this modem. i have one as well…..

    best regards,


  2. Daniel,
    I don’t have a clue how to back up the configuration files. Sorry! Try calling the “Fixed and Internet Call Centre” at 1300. Kind regards to you as well! :-)

  3. Once you setup your router you can save configuration files as backup.
    To do the same for this router…

    Login to router through web browser:
    Type in address bar
    Username: admin
    Password: admin (by default)

    in web Configuration page

    Select Tools at left.
    Go to Restore & Backup

    Press Backup button under Configuration File Backup

    save the file to your preferred location.

  4. how can I change the Network key (WPA) in this thing ?

  5. Saad,
    I hope someone else can answer this for you as I don’t have a clue! Good luck!

  6. To change the network key like WPA or WPA2

    Login to router through web browser:
    Type in address bar
    Username: admin
    Password: admin (by default)

    in web Configuration page

    On left under Basic tab select Wireless LAN

    On the right under WPA-PSK change the Pre-Shared Key (Which is your WPA key)

    WPA2 is more secure so select Authentication Type to WPA2-PSK from drop down list located above WPA-PSK section.

    Click submit at the end of page to save the setting.

    Further to make changes permanent, reboot your router by selecting on left under Tools – Reboot.
    Make sure it is Reboot with Current Setting selected press Restart button.

  7. afzalxp,
    Thanks again! Who exactly is this masked helpful computer-wiz master jedi?! :-)

  8. i am trying to put user name admin and password admin but it’s not logging even i don’t change anything will there be other default password for it

  9. Hi Andy,
    Few months before, when I was waiting to be connected to Omantel ADSL, I was wondering which kind of ADSL router Omantel is going to offer so that I can prepare my home network project. 4 Desktops,3 Laptops and lot of wireless devices including iphones, ipads and galaxy phones located in different rooms in two story villa need cabling and supporting wireless devices.

    As everyone knows, It is hard to find a knowledgeable person among Omantel office employees who can even answer your simplest technical question! I also doubt whether customer care can help you if they mistakenly pick up your call!
    Surprisingly, I didn’t find Omantel web site any useful in above regard.

    As a last destination I googled and came to this valuable thread which shown me a photo and model number of Omantel ADSL router.
    Since then I used to visit your informative site and particularly to this thread.

    By replying to this thread, I actually thanking you Andy.

    • afzalxp,
      Thanks again! I appreciate all your help and willingness to assist others with problems who happen to stumple upon this thread! :-)

  10. Salim,
    if you are using the same router as depicted above than someone have changed the password for the reason!

    You can quickly restore the default settings of the HG530 by pressing the RESET
    button on the rear panel. To restore the default settings, press and hold the RESET
    button for over six seconds after the HG530 is powered on, and then release the button.

    But Keep in mind, You will loose all the settings and you have to reconfigure everything back to a working device!

    Specially ADSL connection settings which is provided by Omantel.

  11. My Omantel modem is getting disconnected frequently. So I have to switch on & off at least three times a day. In basic settings it is configured to keep the connection always on. Can anyone help?
    Jack Thomas

  12. It is most probably a phone line problem! Check noise in phone line. Broken or damaged wire. Ask for Omantel line serviceman help.
    Also check you have selected Nailed-Up connection under Basic- WAN setting.

    Go to Tools – Diagnostics – DSL Line Diagnostics – Edit.

    Upstream Noise Margin
    Downstream Noise Margin

    Check line attenuation db! Higher is faultier.

    If you know your distance from the exchange this table may help but it only gives a ballpark figure

    A way to “guestimate” the line attenuation is the following:

    Downstream line attenuation:
    Less than 1km should be 23-24 Mbit
    1.0km = 13.81db = 23Mbit
    1.5km = 20.7db = 21Mbit
    2.0km = 27.6db = 18Mbit
    2.5km = 34.5db = 13Mbit
    3.0km = 41.4db = 8Mbit
    3.5km = 48.3db = 6Mbit
    4.0km = 56db = 4Mbit
    4.5km = 62.1db = 3Mbit
    5.0km = 69db = 2Mbit

    • afzalxp,
      You certainly do seem to know your stuff! I’m going to have to start “putting you on the payroll”! :-) Thanks again for your continued support for those with technical problems!

  13. I have typed ”” on the address bar and put user name ‘admin’ and password ‘admin’ but it’s not logging in even i didn’t change anything. will there be other default password for it

  14. Thanks a lot for providing these information which is not available in omantel website. a great help, God Bless You! …..David

  15. David John,
    Glad you were helped out! “afzalxp” has helped out many people with some very helpful advice on this blogpost! God bless!

    • Hi afzal. Omantel installed modrm n landline yesterday at my place. After installation tge technician says tgere is signal problem and will take two days to resolve. Can u please help on this. I called up 1300 and first thy cut the call. I called again n the person said i have to visit the same branch where i applied to comolaint so they will fix it. My landline is working and has the tone but tge wifi router doesnt show internet light. What can be problem and how can i resolve this.

  16. Can some one please post all the Omantel ADSL configuration settings for Gateway Huawei HG530. I reset the HG530 and want to reconfigure fresh. I found WAN, LAN, firewall, nat etc… in the configuration page and bit confused. Please help…

  17. Hi cyp,

    The following link from Omantel shows how to setup ADSL configuration for all branded modems including the one provided by Omantel.

    The guide is not pure step by step at router setup page but you will find all the settings to get reconnected to ADSL.
    To setup other parameters I recommend you to go through user manual provided on above comment link.

  18. nice thread , very helpful , I wish to you all to have a nice weekend

    A new friend ^-^

  19. Thank you very much afzalxp and all !!!

  20. Hi andy…I have an old omantel wireless router HG530. now i have a wimax from Nawras.. I would like to know if i Can have my 2 routers into 1?What i mean is, I im leaving in a 2 story house the Wimax (nawras ) is located in the 2nd floor and im in the 1st floor since im getting low signal from my Wimax I want to set up my router Hg530 in the first floor to get optimal/optimum signal or strength…

    • hi, i have the same case as yours. I want to connect the two modems (HG530 and Nawras Wimax). currently i am connected thru nawras… how can i use my old omantel modem?

  21. Hi andy…I have an old omantel wireless router HG530. now i have a wimax from Nawras.. I would like to know if i Can have my 2 routers into 1?What i mean is, I im leaving in a 2 story house the Wimax (nawras ) is located in the 2nd floor and im in the 1st floor since im getting low signal from my Wimax I want to set up my router Hg530 in the first floor to get optimal/optimum signal or strength…

    • Hi, Mark. I don’t have a clue but hopefully some genius who follows comments on this blogpost will get back to you with the answer! :-)

  22. hi mark.. maybe i could be of help. did you mean you want to setup router to connect to wimax? if router still active with internet, it will conflict. if you want wimax to reach to reach 1st floor, you can use wireless extender or run a cable to another router to be you AP (Access Point). hope this is helpful

  23. How do I set the whole thing up if I reset the router :(

  24. Hello guys.. Just wanted to ask if i could use my router to connect to multiple computers.. Its not working

  25. And its wirelessly

  26. Hello folks some good tec/info on this thread. i was looking to ask if anyone had used a Dlink or something else to boost the signal in a villa? cheers

  27. i have omantel internet connection in hom i didnt get the internet now adsl lights are blinking but internet lights not blinking but in my system seems its connected, not get net what i do

  28. how do u change the default adsl password???

  29. Hello Andy and hi to everyone following this site. I just want to let you know that I’ve been constantly following this site as i find it very interesting and informative at the same time. It’s very helpful to get in the know of almost everything about the Sultanate, especially for an expat like me. Having this said, I’m trying if somebody here can help me find a solution to my problem. I am also using this Omantel Huawei modem at home. One day I have experienced interruptions in my internet connections so I decided to reset the modem by pressing the Reset button. Then I connected my laptop to the modem thru the LAN cable, and logged on to the web router and did re-configuration according to the procedure sent to me thru SMS by the Omantel customer service. I was able to restore the internet while still connected to the modem, but when i tried going wireless( i removed the LAN cable and disconnected my laptop from the modem), I cannot connect to the internet anymore. My laptop even my other devices such as my Blackberry phone, my Ipad and my Iphone could not even recognize my home internet. I tried to call the customer service about this and according to them i need to bring the modem itself to a computer shop to have it checked for possible problems. But i have doubts on following that advice. Maybe somebody here can help me on this matter. Your responses will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  30. medeme reset attim nasil tekrar kurabilirim

  31. My name is Vijay,
    How to reset omantel modem to default stage can u please help me,
    thanks in advance

    • There is a small hole with the word “Reset” above it on the back of the modem just next to the power plug in. I believe you just have to push a hard and thin object (like a pin) inside that hole.

  32. Mohammed kenany

    I traveled with this router to Egypt
    now it’s not working despite that I entered the new configuration right !
    can anyone help me … or is it encrypted for Oman only or something

    thank u

  33. Any One else Having Omantel ADSL Disconnection Problems ? My ADSL light on the Modem disconnects on certain days and i cant use the interent at all.. other wise it works fine…

    i find this really weird.. the week before last it was giving me issues so i made a complaint.. the next day i get a call if my adsl is ok i had experienced no disconnection at all thru the last week.. and suddenly yesterday it started acting funny again.. so i made another compliant yesterday. and today it seems to be woking perfect.. not a single disonnection..

    MY Question WHY IS THIS Happening and Why does it work fine Only after i make a complaint the next Day…

  34. I experienced problems with this same modem/router also and it has been going for the last few weeks. Finally I decided to solve it and resetting it worked.

    1- press the reset button at the back of the modem/router for six seconds until everything blinks and go dim
    2- release the rest button !
    3- connect to the modem/router again and you will notice that the name is back to the original name and you will need to put the network key mentioned in the back just after “wpa/wpa2 key”
    4- once connected, type in your browser and it will take you to a “connection wizard”
    5- put your omantel adsl username and password (if you don’t have this call 1300 and they will give it to you provided you have the I.D card of the line’s owner)
    6- a window will appear with “basic” options in front of you. don’t change anything in the setting and just click “submit” button below
    7- go to WLAN setup and put your desired modem name and your password.
    8- click on submit button again
    9- reboot your modem from “tools”

    Done !

  35. hey andy…whats up!!! how to make visible the pre-shared key on web configuration page

  36. anybody experiencing its omantel internet getting disconnected these past few weeks.. anyone has a solution for this.. thanks

  37. Hi
    I have one like that router
    Can i use this router for broadband connection (PPPoE)?
    And if i can how?
    Please answer .

  38. hi
    Im having a problem with my modems WiFi connection is not working. Im using my smart phone to connect to it, there is to a strong signal of my WiFi however when i use my phone’s browser it could not connect to the internet.
    Could you please tell what wrong? Or could you please help me.
    Thanks :)

  39. Dear sir,
    I want know how to change WIFI password

    How do I know how much connection running on my modem.

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