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Restaurants” remains one of the top categories of this blog.  On the right side of this blog, you can always click “Restaurants” to look through all my restaurant reviews, but it can be time consuming to look for a specific restaurant.  To make it easier for other food loving guests of the blog (who doesn’t love food, right?!), I have added this page so that people can find the restaurant they’re looking for (if I’ve reviewed it) quickly in alphabetical order on this page and simply click the name of the restaurant to be taken to the appropriate blogpost. All restaurants are in the Muscat area unless otherwise indicated with city location in parenthesis after the restaurant’s name.  Enjoy! 🙂


(***new review” means that the restaurant was reviewed within the past 4 months***)

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32 responses to “Restaurants: Quick-Find Guide

  1. You should try Pavo Real in Khuwair new KFC. It is authentic Mexican food by a Mexican Chef. Food is good and service is very good one of the few places that you can get a beer with your meal that is not in a hotel.

  2. Oops near KFC not new KFC

    • Hi Doug,
      I thought Pavo Real was in MSQ near the Al Noor Plaza. Is there a 2nd Pavo Real in Al Khuwair?! Anyway, Pavo Real is on my list of places to try out (eventually!). That and the other Mexican restaurant in the Intercon, Senor Pico! Too many restaurants, so little time! 😉 Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. When you click on the link for the west bank it takes you to a page for Lichtenstein!!!

    • Thanks Doug! I appreciate corrections like that . I certainly don’t want to confuse readers with incorrect links! Fixed now! Thanks, buddy!:-)

  4. Any you are right my memory is wrong about Pavo Real anyway it’s a fun place and good food

  5. Oops Andy sorry not any darned iPad keyboard

  6. If you want real Chinese food, close to those you find in Malaysia and Singapore. Go to Chinese Palace restaurant in Al Wadi complex ( opposite Al khamis complex) in Qurum. You will find real Chinese dumplings, fried kang kong, deep fried duck not to mention fried bee hoon, rice, steam fish and drum of heaven. The owner is Muslim Chinese from china and the prices are so affordable, if you compare the value you get from the dishes from Chinatown and royal china, even China Mood. Restaurant is not visible from road but as you enter Al Wadi complex turn left and 4 shops later you will not regret when you try the food.

  7. “Al Wadi complex turn left and 4 shops later you ….” Sorry I meant “Al Wadi complex turn right and 4 shops later you ….”

  8. For your info if you like Korean food. There is a Korean Grocery Shop opposite Al Manaf Hotel Apartments in Azaiba. .


    The shop has all you need for korean and japanese cuisine including Miso, Tau Pok, fish cake, Unagi, dumplings, various korean made instant noodles, beef, vegetables and sauces, kimchi etc

    The owner also operates a Korean home restaurant in Azaiba beach area near Sultan centre along 18 November Street. Ask them when you are at the shop. .

  9. Hi. You should try Merhaba in Qurm. It’s in the same complex as My Cupcakes. Merhaba is a brilliant Turkish Restaurant. Great Food, Great Atmosphere and Great service!

  10. Hi Andy, have you tried Burger & Bite? They have two shops, one in MBD next to Bait Ahlam and the other one at Fun Zone, Qurum. Try their Beef Burger and ask for spicy (they put spicy mayo). Its really yummiiie..

  11. Rizwal Lawrence

    thanks alot andy for all this! 🙂
    i was born and bought up in oman but i never knew about these places and restaurants.. just love reading your reviews.. glad i came across your blog.. bookmarked to keep myself updated.. i live in sohar. so i never really travel to muscat unless i need to fly back home… u should visit sohar sometime.. its a nice place as well 🙂 Hats off!! cheers! 🙂

  12. mathew flencher

    Theres one named Woodlands. It’s in CBD opposite Puranmal

  13. i really enjoy viewing you blog spcally the food part of it

  14. i really enjoy viewing your blog sepcially the food part of it *

    sorry for the typo

  15. Was planning to have my daughters birthday party at Al Khuwair Grill House…the first thing I did was to check your site for the review but couldnt find!!! 😦 Is it missed to be reviewed ?

  16. Hi Andy. Hope you can visit us soon also ! 🙂

  17. Musaveer, Hi, What is your take on Bab Al Hind resturant

  18. Hi Andy,

    I would like to get in touch for a over a business opportunity. Do share your contact details.


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