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“Sale of Fish and Girl”?!

ImageI am REALLY hoping that is supposed to read “grill”… ūüėČ ¬†(This photo was taken in Al Khuwair near Switz Bakery by one of my facebook friends.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Wrong. As in, “there’s something wrong here”.¬†¬† Maybe the “wrong” in your picture is obvious, or maybe it’s quite subtle and takes a deeper look to notice – help your readers to understand what’s “wrong” in your picture.

Share a picture that means WRONG to you!

It was so WRONG of this person to park like this,¬†leaving me with about an inch to try to get in my car! I had to enter in the passenger’s seat!¬† I could only guess as to what that “A” on the license plate stands for.¬† I could write an entire blog just of pics and stories of wrong parking and driving here in the Sultanate!

I thought this sign was odd and possibly wrong¬†the first time I saw it.¬† It is found¬†on a wide and long stretch of highway near Mussannah, Oman.¬† If you think it’s a warning that an airplane might land on the road, you might not be¬†entirely wrong.¬† It means “Beware of low flying aircraft”. It later made sense when I realized that it’s located on¬†the stretch of highway near Mussannah Airforce Base!¬† ūüėČ

Can you catch what’s¬†wrong¬†here on this sign located on¬†the entrance of¬†a mosque in Rustaq?

I know there’s nothing “technically wrong” with this sign, but it just¬†seems wrong to me no matter how hard someone tries to explain it to me. No disrespect intended-just my opinion.

This sign is located near a hot spring and I think this wrong translation is trying to tell people not to wash their cars in that location.

If you enjoy locating things that seem wrong or “just not right|, you’ll enjoy this gentleman’s experience in the Middle East and Africa as he captures things on his blog that are “Not Quite Right”.

Daily Chuckle from Muscat Classifieds: Prison Cell for Rent?!

Anything seem odd to you when reading this classified ad from one of the local English papers here in Muscat?

I think the person posting¬†this ad meant to write “to be shared with only one “ROOMMATE (or “FLATMATE” as some Brits might say) but using the term¬†“inmate” gives the¬†impression that there are prison cells being rented out!¬† Scenes from Single White Female and Silence of the Lambs came to mind when reading this ad, haha!¬† Lord knows some roommates can sure act a lot more like inmates! ūüėČ

Looking for a “Convent-Educated Man”?!

I sometimes have to scratch my head in bewilderment when reading papers here in Oman.  In the Matrimony Section of Muscat Daily I keep seeing ads worded like this one:

OK…so this girl is “convent-educated” – I get that…but she’s seeking a groom who is “convent-educated”?!¬† Does that seem odd to anyone else out there? Hello?!¬† Doesn’t “convent-educated” mean that you have lived or at least stayed in a convent for a certain period of time? And isn’t it usually¬†nuns¬†that go to a convent? And, correct me if I’m wrong, (Am I really going out on a limb¬†here?!)¬†but aren’t the majority of (dare I so ALL!)¬†nuns actually “women”?!¬† Things that make me go “Hmm…”!

“Diesel Fuel in Arabic”?!

This is too funny to be¬†true!¬† A contract company in Egypt was asked to put “Diesel Fuel” and “No Smoking” IN ARABIC on a line of fuel-tankers.¬† This is the final product:







HA! HA! Priceless! ūüôā Talk about “lost in translation” or¬†following something so literally that you miss the entire point!¬† And if you think I’m making this up, check out the source here at The Guardian in the UK.