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“Sale of Fish and Girl”?!

ImageI am REALLY hoping that is supposed to read “grill”… ;-)  (This photo was taken in Al Khuwair near Switz Bakery by one of my facebook friends.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Wrong. As in, “there’s something wrong here”.   Maybe the “wrong” in your picture is obvious, or maybe it’s quite subtle and takes a deeper look to notice – help your readers to understand what’s “wrong” in your picture.

Share a picture that means WRONG to you!

It was so WRONG of this person to park like this, leaving me with about an inch to try to get in my car! I had to enter in the passenger’s seat!  I could only guess as to what that “A” on the license plate stands for.  I could write an entire blog just of pics and stories of wrong parking and driving here in the Sultanate!

I thought this sign was odd and possibly wrong the first time I saw it.  It is found on a wide and long stretch of highway near Mussannah, Oman.  If you think it’s a warning that an airplane might land on the road, you might not be entirely wrong.  It means “Beware of low flying aircraft”. It later made sense when I realized that it’s located on the stretch of highway near Mussannah Airforce Base!  ;-)

Can you catch what’s wrong here on this sign located on the entrance of a mosque in Rustaq?

I know there’s nothing “technically wrong” with this sign, but it just seems wrong to me no matter how hard someone tries to explain it to me. No disrespect intended-just my opinion.

This sign is located near a hot spring and I think this wrong translation is trying to tell people not to wash their cars in that location.

If you enjoy locating things that seem wrong or “just not right|, you’ll enjoy this gentleman’s experience in the Middle East and Africa as he captures things on his blog that are “Not Quite Right”.

Daily Chuckle from Muscat Classifieds: Prison Cell for Rent?!

Anything seem odd to you when reading this classified ad from one of the local English papers here in Muscat?

I think the person posting this ad meant to write “to be shared with only one “ROOMMATE (or “FLATMATE” as some Brits might say) but using the term “inmate” gives the impression that there are prison cells being rented out!  Scenes from Single White Female and Silence of the Lambs came to mind when reading this ad, haha!  Lord knows some roommates can sure act a lot more like inmates! ;-)

Looking for a “Convent-Educated Man”?!

I sometimes have to scratch my head in bewilderment when reading papers here in Oman.  In the Matrimony Section of Muscat Daily I keep seeing ads worded like this one:

OK…so this girl is “convent-educated” – I get that…but she’s seeking a groom who is “convent-educated”?!  Does that seem odd to anyone else out there? Hello?!  Doesn’t “convent-educated” mean that you have lived or at least stayed in a convent for a certain period of time? And isn’t it usually nuns that go to a convent? And, correct me if I’m wrong, (Am I really going out on a limb here?!) but aren’t the majority of (dare I so ALL!) nuns actually “women”?!  Things that make me go “Hmm…”!

“Diesel Fuel in Arabic”?!

This is too funny to be true!  A contract company in Egypt was asked to put “Diesel Fuel” and “No Smoking” IN ARABIC on a line of fuel-tankers.  This is the final product:







HA! HA! Priceless! :-) Talk about “lost in translation” or following something so literally that you miss the entire point!  And if you think I’m making this up, check out the source here at The Guardian in the UK.