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In Oman, “Parental Neglect a Cause for Concern”







From the Times of Oman, November 14th, 2012: “Parental Neglect a Cause for Concern“, written by Saleh Al Shaibany

Adventure Zone @ Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

One of the friendly employees at Shangri-La, Amylia, welcoming us to Adventure Zone!  “Adventure Zone is an exciting family entertainment venue for all thrill seekers with a variety of modular play areas from over-under hurdles, tumble tower, and swing-over net to a climbing wall, soft play areas and daily Nintendo wii sports challenges.  The highlights are the three drop slides providing fun and adventure for all.  Go for the ultimate rush on the 6.5 metre demon drop slide – a must for all adrenalin lovers!”

Adventure Zone is inside Al Mazaar Souk at the Shangri-La.

This is the entrance where they will check to make sure that your kid is wearing a long-sleeve shirt and socks for safety reasons.  If not, you can buy an Adventure Zone shirt for 4 rials (they’re cute!) and socks for 1 rial.

Cute artwork on all the walls with an underwater theme.  This part of the wall looks like a mini wall-climbing area.

Our son loved the ball-pit!

They have this smaller slide if your kid is too scared to try the main drop slides.

This is the computer area which wasn’t being used at all during our visit.

There is plenty of space for parents to chill out while your kids run around (if they’re old enough to play without supervision).

I thought the signs with all the rules were quite funny!  Some are posted here for your entertainment.

I was surprised that my son really wanted to go down the main slide.  He actually cried and insisted to go down it before we left.  I wouldn’ve thought that he would be afraid of such a drop but it seems his old man hesitated more than he did, haha!

It’s nice to know that they are quite strict with the rules so don’t think of just dropping your kids off here like some kind of babysitting centre.

Shops are slowly starting to open up at Al Mazaar Souq at the Shangri-La.  It’s well worth a visit while taking the kids out for fun.  They also have “Game Z” which is a games centre where you can play darts, air hockey, snooker, billiards, table football and ice hockey.

Next to the Omani Heritage Village, the souk houses shops that present beachwear, accessories, Kashmir products and carpets.  Oman Arab Bank is in place to cater to your everyday needs.”

They also have mini golf (9 holes) in the same area.

Adventure Zone is open daily from 10am to 10pm.  It’s supposed to be a great place to celebrate your kid’s birthday.

Anyone taken their kids to the Adventure Zone? If so, what do you think of the place? Our son loved it and we plan on bringing him again soon.   Tel: 24776666

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Plants, animals, people, grow…but so can buildings, shadows, and waves. What can you share that makes the viewer think of growth?

Share a picture that means GROWTH to you!

Naomi with some of her gifts after her dedication last Friday.  This pic is a good reminder of the incredible growth or accumulation of toys and other things in our home.  It’s also a reminder of how quickly our family is growing.  We were just married 3 short years ago in January of 2009 and we’ve already got 2 kids! Yowzers! (1 + 1 = 4!!!)

The growth of my son is happening faster than I could have imagined.  It’s amazing to see the daily growth of his vocabulary, his talents and his mischievious ways.  It’s so fun to see his interests in cars and trains grow and this is a pic of us racing together.  As a father, I’m really looking forward to all the fun games and toys we’ll enjoy together along the way!

Another thing which comes to mind when I consider the word “growth” is….this blog! I am so amazed at the growth in the number of viewers in just a few short years.

This blog has grown from 444 views in the first month (Dec 2008) to over 30,000 views/month for the past 10 months! Wow!  Once again, a big thanks to all the readers out there!  🙂

One last thought on the word “growth“…many try to tell us that the world cannot sustain the growth in population but that isn’t really something we should worry about.  Check out this informative and entertaining TED talk by Hans Rosling on this very topic:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Share a picture that means INSIDE to you!

We found a mouse inside our house (hey, that rhymes!) but I thought it would be too freaky to post a pic of the dead mouse inside a bag for the squeemish readers out there…so instead I present a pic of the inside of the cord that the mouse had obviously chewed through.  I really am thankful that it did not cause a fire as I do believe that such things happen! Thanks once again, Lord, for watching over us!

My son’s latest obsession is with “Mickey Mouse eggs” or any chocolate egg for that matter.  Here is what comes inside one of these eggs:

Inside a “Bob the Builder chocolate egg” – but that doesn’t stop my son from referrring to these treats as “Mickey Mouse egg”.

Speaking of “Bob the Builder”, here’s the “Heavy-Metal Gershom Version” of the Theme song:

A different toy inside a different egg (on a different day mind you!) – this one obviously a real “Mickey Mouse egg”.

Our happy little munchkin once the egg is open, the toy is out and the chocolate is in hand!

Gershom loves his new Imaginarium Mountain Pass Railroad Set which lets him put his various trains inside a big plastic mountain.  (RO 29.9 at Toys ‘R’ Us) We were so happy this was on sale (usually over 50 rials) as he loves trains. That’s about $75 US and it sells for $103.97 on the Toys R Us website.

Gershom always has a fantastic time inside Magic Planet in Muscat City Centre Mall. (Pictured here sitting next to his buddy, Mickey)

This last pic is of a Ramadan charity campaign inside Muscat City Center in which people can donate used eyeglasses, mobile phones, books and non-perishable foods for the needy by placing them inside these large boxes to help make a difference!

“Doing the Baby Bop Hop!” – Another Barney Home Invasion

  To any new parents or expecting parents out there, a word of caution: Barney WILL invade your home and enchant your kids.  No avoiding it, haha!  🙂