Daiso Japan, Muscat Grand Mall

Daiso Muscat entrance  The Daiso Japan store in Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) is huge and worth walking through if you happen to be in MGM with some time to kill.plenty of products  If you’ve never heard of “Daiso” you might like to check out their English website here.shop till you drop  All items in the store are 700 baizas or about $1.80 US.  When I enter a Daiso store, I always think about a similar chain of stores we have in Canada called “the Great Canadian Dollar Store“.other Daisos in Oman  It’s nice that they have informative posters like this in the shop letting you know that there are 2 other Daiso locations in Oman: Ruwi and Salalah. I wasn’t aware of the one in Salalah.

lots of cheap Japanese toys  All kinds of interesting toys and gadgets in Daiso.so many shelves   I wrote a blogpost about the Daiso shop in Ruwi almost exactly 4 years ago (at that time items were 600 baizas) and this shop in MGM is much bigger.computer items  I was surprised to see that they even have computer items like ipod silicone jackets and LAN cables as you can see pictured here.  Remember that items come and go and you can never be sure that the same item will be there on your next visit.  They do this to encourage repeat visits.another aisle  Daiso MGM opened up about 8 months ago in September of 2012.banana holderdo it yourself productsrefrigerant gel bottle  We bought several of these for our cooler for picnics, outings or camping.many items to explorerat traps  They usually have interesting and entertaining cartoons on most of their items.origami  What Japanese store would be complete without Origami?!protective sheetgnomes dogs and frogsbubble trinkets for kiddiesquite a large storedaiso store window  What do you think of Daiso stores?  Are they full of cheap, useless junk or are these stores a lot of fun exploring?


10 responses to “Daiso Japan, Muscat Grand Mall

  1. Catherine Baker (@cathbaker14)

    weird but wonderful- I pay a visit whenever I’m there – and never leave empty handed! We have pound shops in the UK but I like the different stuff they have here.

  2. OoH! Diaso can get contagious to a shopper.. They have sooo many choices, and when u think of the price, one can just go on piling up things, till you come to the paying counter. My favourites are the short lace curtains!!!… I loved the fact that the MGM centre had more varieties.

  3. I just can’t understand why is it called Daiso Japan- nearly all products are made in China!

  4. Daiso is a great place to shop for knick knacks, unique items at a very reasonable price! Even if I have nothing specific to buy, I make sure to walk inside the Daiso shop and glance through every time I am in MGM 🙂

  5. Daiso in muscat is a kind of ok, ok, but I am not satisfied what they have. As they don’t have food, like snacks, cold drinks, like Matcha ice tea’s and drip coffees. What I’ve seen in Asia. Especially in Japan of course. If they are going to put those items, it will be more great.

  6. shahrazad najim al azawi

    hi everyone i liked going to daiso japan thank you

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