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Dinosaur Spotted at The Dubai Mall!

Image Another great reason to visit The Dubai Mall is this “new dinosaur” which was unveiled just 10 days ago on March 11th, 2014.  Apparently they paid 15 million dollars to purchase this dinosaur skeleton which was flown from the Dana Quarry in Wyoming, USA.ImagepamphletcoverThe dinosaur exhibit is inside the main entrance is free for viewing!  I love the pamphlet that visitors are free to pick up on either side of the display case.  I’ve scanned and included each page of that pamphlet in this blogpost in order to share the information on this remarkable exhibit.IMG_4537IMG_4538transport of Dubai Mall dinosaurdinosaurs long tailJust look at that tail!dinosaur from 1st floorWhen first looking at the dinosaur, I thought they had painted the bones purple or blue but as you can see, they have bluish lights that come up and hit the dinosaur giving it that look.dino infoLots of great info on this page. As with most pics on this blog, just click it to magnify it.  Once on that page, you can magnify it more by clicking on the spot you wish to view.dino and crowdsThey anticipate even more footfall in the world’s largest mall with this latest exhibit.  It certainly is worth at least a few minutes of appreciation as you shop there!closer look at skeletonunique intact dino boneslooking up at dinolooking up blue lightAs you can imagine and can see in these pics, this is a big hit with visitors!  Just as I went photo crazy (seen by the number of pics posted here!), people couldn’t seem to get enough of this dino and with good reason; it’s remarkable!stats on sizeblue or purple light on dinoblack and white dinoBeing such a magnificent creature of the past, it wouldn’t seem right to post this blogpost without at least one black and white photo! 🙂miniature feature powershotanother view with mall crowdvivid blue dinoNoel and Andy at TDMI’m so glad that I found the time to meet up with my wife’s brother-in-law, Noel, while in Dubai.  The truth is the 2 of us in the foreground are the real dinosaurs in this pic as the pretty one in blue is fresh off the plane and the talk of the town! 😉 Here’s a video I put together using Youtube Video Editor and my Powershot A810: 

United Christian Church of Dubai

united christian church of dubai outsideIf you are a Christian and find yourself in Dubai, I highly recommend going to the United Christian Church of Dubai.  One of the highlights of all my trips to Dubai was worshiping there.welcome and church logoIf you do make it to UCC Dubai, I have no doubt that you’ll feel just as welcome as we felt on our first visit there.  People from many different nations around the globe congregate there and you truly get a sense of what heaven will be like as there will be “persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.” (Revelation 5:9)sign on church

about churchI got this explanation of the church from one of the brochures available in their church.  You can find out more information about this wonderful church at of churchMy friend Wes who was on break from his work in North Korea.plaque on churchAs you can see here from the plaque on the front of the church, UCC Dubai was dedicated on Oct. 24th, 2003 on land generously given by the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum!  The people of the UAE are obviously very tolerant and generous.  I pray that God will continue to bless the nation for their warmth and hospitality!inside church 1

And Can it BeOne of the deep and beautiful songs we sang on the morning we attended (Jan 3, 2014).  Others included:  Arise, My Soul, Arise, See What a Morning, The Power of the Cross, O for a Thousand Tongues and My Soul Finds Rest.inside church 2The sermon we heard was delivered by Jonathan Lim (his first at UCC Dubai!) and it was from Psalm 146.  He asked us to think about 2 ?s: Who did I trust in 2004? and Who will I trust in 2014?  To download or listen to past sermons, visit: Psalm 124:8 The verses quoted in this blogpost were all found on different church brochures during my visit.inside church 3I was impressed to hear that John Piper (of – one of my favorite preachers of today) was a guest preacher here in November.  Must be a very biblically-sound church to have him preach there.Acts 17:11stained glass windowLove the stain-glassed window!  We were very impressed with the welcome team who made us feel right at home as we had coffee and chatted in the back of the hall after the service.  Everything about the church was so orderly in the most comfortable sense of the word.  As a quick example, even in the printed “Order of Service”, they write: “After the benediction, we spend a few moments silently reflecting on the morning’s service. When the music resumes, please join us for conversation and refreshments, which are at the back of the hall.” They even had a book selling ministry to raise funds and I managed to pick up “Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God” (written by JI Packer) for 55 AED.Psalm 146:5If you do come to UCC Dubai and it’s your first time, keep your eye out for this landmark known as “Ibn Battuta Gate” which is not far from the church:battuna gateHere are the directions from the “Visitor’s Information Brochure”:directions to churchThey even have buses to bring people to church! Here’s the schedule as of Jan 3rd (might want to call ahead to check if there have been any changes):church bus scheduleUnited Christian Church of Dubai – another brilliant reason to visit Dubai! 🙂

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina 1Dubai Marina is a gorgeous area to just walk around and take in the sights.Dubai Marina 2 Dubai Marina 3 Dubai Marina 4 Dubai Marina 5 Dubai Marina 6 Dubai Marina 7 Dubai Marina 8 Dubai Marina 9 Dubai Marina 10 Dubai Marina 11 Dubai Marina Mall The Dubai Marina Mall Dubai Marina Mall TaxiThe Dubai Marina Mall “Taxi”Dubai Marina 14 Dubai Marina 15 free bike use at Marina Dubai Marina 17 Dubai Marina 18 Dubai Marina 19 Dubai Marina 20The GuGu Boat ( looks like a cool experience.Dubai Marina 21 Dubai Marina 22

Miu Shanghai, Mall of the Emirates

miu shanghai signWhile in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, we decided to try out Miu Shanghai which proved to be a delightful dining experience for lanterns miu shanghaiWe were immediately impressed with the look and ambiance of this restaurant.entrance of miu shanghaiIf you google “miu shanghai”, you’ll find that a lot of websites refer to this place as “Miu Shanghai Teahouse” and with good reason.  It’s really a nice place to enjoy a cup of tea after a few hours of shopping at the impressive Mall of the Emirates. Some places refer to it as “Miu Shanghai Teahouse and Restaurant”. Strange that this restaurant is not on the list of dining options on the official Mall of the Emirates website.chefs special sushi platterThe “Chef’s Special Sushi Platter” sounded so good that all 3 of us chose this.  Here’s a pic of my platter:sushi platter for realThis was a fantastic dish!  Here’s the same platter but this time my wife’s brother-in-law, Noel, attempted to take an “artistic photo” of it.  Actually it was a challenge more than anything as I know he has taken photography lessons! 😉artistic attempt sushi platterThere was no indication of how long the “Chef’s Special Sushi Platter” is on for (at 68 AED) but if you dine here and it’s available, we recommend it.miso soupOf course I just had to have the Miso Soup! (32 AED) Kind of pricey for miso soup, but good nonetheless!soups and dimsum menuAs always, I try to put as much of the menu as possible in these reviews in case you’re wondering what’s available!crab corn soupMy wife and Noel thought the Crab Corn Soup (38 AED) was quite good.appetizers miu shanghaisalads at miu shanghaimiu shanghai from sidemiu shanghai main coursesmiu shanghai sushimiu shanghai seatsmaki rollssashimi and nigirimiu shanghai in mall of emiratesOverall, another great dining experience in Dubai. (Despite the Filipina waitress who seemed to be hoping that someone from The Voice, XFactor or other talent show was going to “discover her there in the restaurant!)  For all the food mentioned above + one American coffee (other beverages provided with the Chef”s Special) the bill came to 327 AED. (All prices on the menu already include taxes!)beautiful Mall of EmiratesMiu Shanghai (Tel: 04-3413618) is just one of over 95 dining options at the incredible Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. This mall was really impressive and worth a blogpost of its own…coming soon if I have the time.  Check out other options for dining, shopping and entertainment at the Mall of the Emirates here.

Dragon Mart, Dubai

dragon mart fountain dubaiAnyone who has driven to Dubai from Muscat (or vice versa) has certainly taken notice of Dragon Mart and the dragon fountain in front of it.  It’s right on the Hatta-Oman Highway (E44) which is also called Al Awir Road.  After traveling to Dubai a few times, I decided to check the place out for myself on my most recent trip.dragon mart and cloudsDragonMart provides a gateway for the supply of Chinese products in the Middle Eastern and North African Markets, offering Chinese traders and manufacturers a unique platform from which to cater to the needs of this sizeable market. Inaugurated on December 7th, 2004, the 1.2 kilometre-long DragonMart is the largest trading centre for Chinese products outside mainland China.”closeup of smaller dragonscloseup of dragonDragon Mart – “Where you can find one in a million or a million of one.” (from the official DragonMart website)dragon near bushesinside dragon martmany stalls and shopsThere are a lot of shops and stalls (mostly in the main lobby) in the mall selling all kinds of Chinese products “including home appliances, stationery, office appliances, communication and acoustic equipment, lamps, household items, building materials, furniture, toys, machinery, garments, textiles, footwear and general merchandise“.another look in dragonmartIt was interesting walking through Dragon Mart but I wouldn’t exactly consider it a “must see” in Dubai.  Any of you been to Dragon Mart? If so, what did you think of the place?