Womens Beach Volleyball Bronze Medal Match at 2nd Asian Beach Games

The Bronze Medal Match in Womens Beach Volleyball for the 2nd Asian Beach Games was between Thailand and China.

It was quite a close match!

Thailand ended up beating China.

These obnoxious western spectators thought they were “the cat’s meow”.  It reminds me of that classic Right Said Fred song, “I’m too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirt.  So sexy it hurts!” ha!ha!

My wife LOVES volleyball!

The players seemed to have a secret system of informing  which kind of serve they thought their partner should deliver.

9 responses to “Womens Beach Volleyball Bronze Medal Match at 2nd Asian Beach Games

  1. I’m surprised that there were no issues with the attire of the women, even in a country as moderate as Oman. Even I, while knowing it is for the flexibility of the players, have a hard time with the skimpiness of the outfits. What is your (and perhaps Che’s) opinion?

  2. Hi, Bonnie! (Glad to see you commenting again! 🙂 )
    Not only do I appreciate this thoughtful question, I appreciate it all the more coming from you. I, too, was quite shocked with the skimpiness of the outfits. I was wondering why the female beach volleyball athletes don’t wear something similiar to the male beach volleyball atheletes! By the way, I hesitated to take pictures or post them but Che rightfully said, “Of course it’s okay. They held the 2nd Asian Beach Games and allowed them to dress like that. What’s wrong with putting them online?” If I were alone, I would not even have thought of watching beach volleyball but volleyball is probably the one sport (beach or indoors) that Che LOVES! That’s why I have a pic of her near the court! 🙂
    By the way, Oman might not be as “modest” as you think. There are plenty of things here for young men and women to do that might be frowned upon by the authorities or the culture at large…
    A lot of Omanis unfortunately look down upon Asian ladies (my own opinion here!) as the only knowledge they have of Asian ladies are the ones that serve in “the massage parlors” here and some go to Thailand and other places for a more liberal vacation.
    One man, sad to report, was in the front row of the womens bronze medal match and kept screaming “China, Vagina!” with a big childish grin and he was seated between a very young boy and girl which I could only assume were his children. We couldn’t believe that no one did anything about that obnoxious man!

  3. By the way, Che believes that the skimpiness of the beach volleyball costume” is an “unfortunate aspect of the sports culture of beach volleyball”. I agree!

  4. hi andy and che

    I couldnot believe yet there was a match like this in oman?you know becouse oman is also country like as iran,so its really hard to believe it,anyway how was great to you and che to watched these match in oman? i hope to visit you my friend in oman a day

  5. friend its me gholam from iran

  6. Whoa. I have mixed feelings about the outfits, simply because many of the onlookers probably came to stare at the women and not the game. Perhaps they could have worn short-shorts instead of the bikini sized stuff they had on?

  7. Gholam, my dear friend, it’s great to hear from you! I really pray that you will be able to come and visit Oman this summer! God bless you and the family!
    Nadia, I too have mixed feelings to say the least. I am SURE that many of the onlookers were only there to stare at the women! You could see it in many of their eyes. There is absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have worn short-shorts instead of the bikinis and it’s sad that someone didn’t think of implementing such a rule for the sake of modesty.

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