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The Church in Sohar

Che, John, Bert, Relwen and Janet praising God at OCF in Ruwi before 2 dozen of us drove to Sohar. Every 3 months, the praise team, pastor and elders go to Sohar to minister there. Sohar Church was established by OCF (Oman Christian Fellowship) in Ruwi. The pastor and elders go up EVERY month.

Jimmy, who is one of the worship leaders of OCF, playing it cool. (For any young ladies who are interested, this brother is AVAILABLE! :-)) (2012 update-Not anyone! This man is now married, praise God!)

Sister Nilima Bhore enjoying the food after service.

You’ve heard of “Lawrence of Arabia”…Well, this is “Lawrence of Nigeria”!

Fellowship in Sohar Church

Preaching from 1 Corinthians 12:12-28 on “Being the Body of Christ“.

On behalf of the Ruwi Church, SongBooks (which have the guitar chords as well!) containing 564 Christian songs were handed out to all “workers” of the Sohar Church.

Rachel and her husband, Joe, Abel, Myrna, Vergie and Jimmy enjoying food and fellowship after the service in Sohar Church.


A fisherman with his sons mending their net.

Here are some other fishermen rolling their boat out to sea in this short video:

Looks to be a home-made boat from bamboo

Views from Sohar Fort

Jews in Oman?

                       Funny that this story should be in the Sohar Fort Museum! People are often surprised to hear that there are Jewish minority groups in Arab countries such as Iran and Iraq.  There was even a strong Jewish presence in neighboring Yemen before Islam appeared on the scene.  I heard something interesting about my town “Ibri” recently and looked into it…Seems that the word “Ibri” is of biblical origin (mentioned in “1 Chronicles 24:27) and so some believe that there were a group of Jews living here in the past. “Ibri” actually means “passing over” and it was for this reason that Jews (now Christians who are “spiritual Jews”) are known as “sojourners”; a people without a home; looking for a heavenly residence.