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AMOUAGE – The Gift of Kings

“While in Muscat, don’t miss the experience of visiting the world famous Amouage Perfumery.  Visitors are always welcome and conducted around the Perfumery by Omani hosts with a passion for the unique 2000-year-old perfumery heritage of Oman and its modern day manifestation, Amouage.”   Admission is free.  Visit on any day from Sunday to Thursday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  Appointments are not necessary, but you may call Moza at 245-34800 or Francis at 993-46811.  To get there, take the Nizwa/Salalah turn off at the Sawha ClockTower Roundabout.  Get on the service road and just past the filling station you will see the sign above.  This is the main entrance to the Perfumery.  Nice door!  There are dozens of products to choose from and the staff would be more than happy to sit with you and let you sample each one.  They have 2 booklets listing/explaining all their products: “Fragrance” and “Bath“.  This is the welcoming lounge where they sit with you and go over all the products as you search for the perfect gift.  They really give you the royal treatment when visiting the perfumery!  This gentleman, Sulaiman Al Kasmi, served me delicious dates and Omani coffee while waiting for the saleslady who was busy with some other customers.  I simply loved the over the top descriptions of some of their products written in the pamplets.  Here are some examples: Reflection Woman – “Reflection opens with a lush green freshness reminiscent of morning dew in the spring time.  A sophisticated bouquet of white flowers crowns the fragrance with richness and depth while embracing musks and woods wrapped with warm amber notes confering a magic aura to the skin.”  Ciel Woman – “This fragrance burst alive with the freshness of rich floral notes, leaving an inner warmth of lightness and serenity.”    Jubiliation 25 Woman – “Created for the elegant and sophisticated woman who lives her life as an art form – transcending the time, place and cultures in which she inhabits.”  Ciel Man – “Refreshing and invigorating, this fragrance contains frakincense and rich woods, reflecting the intensity of the glorious sky.”  Ubar Woman – “Romancing the mystery of Ubar’s splendour, paradise is regained with echoes of bergamot and lily of the valley complementing the majestic damascene rose with the eternal presence of sandalwood.”  Lyric Woman – “Beyond the transcient beauty and purity of Lyric lingers a poignant song without a beginning and an end.  Inspired by the rose, Lyric is a floral oriental fragrance suspended in time with a mythical melody.”  And my favorite, over-the-top description is of Epic Woman – “This spicy oriental fragrance is inspired by the eternal legends of the ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia.  In the mystical twilight with the desert wind blowing against her veil she follows the guiding light in search of the long lost aria.  Beyond truth and immortality a Legend is born.”  My!  Seems to be promising so much more than just a nice smell, doesn’t it?! ha!ha! 🙂  I guess those descriptions are so much better than just, “This one smells REAL good!”  🙂  This is the Amouage shop in City Centre Mall.  Other locations include the perfumery, Sabco Centre, Al Bustan Palace and the Chedi.  One small complaint I have is that prices for the products are not found anywhere and you have to ask the prices of each item!  (The prices are not even written in the product booklets!) ” They are afraid that the customers might be frightened by the prices”, is what one of the salespeople told me.  😦 Sounds scary but the prices are really not that bad!  This is Rahabi, a very friendly saleslady at the main perfumery, who was very helpful in helping me pick up a nice gift for my honey!  These miniature collection gifts (one for men and one for women) are the best!  They contain 6 popular fragrances from Amouage.  Made with crystal glass, these exquisite bottles are perfect for travel or as a luxury gift.

If you’ve never been to the Amouage Perfumery near the Sahwa clocktower roundabout, why not go in for a quick look?!  If you have time (I didn’t as I came just before closing time…), they will even give you a full tour showing you how the perfume is made in the factory in back!  I look forward to seeing that on my next visit!  🙂