“The Renassiance/Awakening Tower”, also called “SAHWA Clocktower” (Burj Al Sahwa)

  One of the most recognizable icons of Muscat is this clock-tower near City Centre as you are arriving in Muscat from Salalah, Nizwa or Sur.  I was told that “Sahwa” (Arabic word) means “awakening” in English and this connects with a speech that Sultan Qaboos made when he first came to power about Oman “awakening” or arising to new heights.  (Burj is Arabic for “tower”.)  There are 3 exits/entrances to this landmark site: the road to Muscat City (41 kms),  the Sohar/Seeb road (195 kms to Sohar and 14 kms to Seeb) and the highway to Nizwa/Salalah (Nizwa 137 kms and Salalah 996 kms).  There are 8 beautiful mosaic-tile scenes on the 4 sides of this tower; 4 on the outer wall and 4 on the inner.  These masterpieces should be admired and considered as they represent important scenes from Oman’s dynamic and colorful history.  Due to traffic, this can be a very dangerous roundabout for both drivers and pedestrians.  Do take care if attempting to cross the road here!  I really like this fishermen scene.  Here is a closer look at the mosaic to give you an idea of the work put into these art pieces…  This is the view of the tower coming up from the underground passage.  There is only one spot that lets you walk below the road to get to the tower.  Some of the roundabouts in Oman are so beautiful that people are often tempted to snap photos while driving! (which is obviously quite dangerous!)  The best thing to do is park the car, walk around the place and take it all in. 🙂


10 responses to ““The Renassiance/Awakening Tower”, also called “SAHWA Clocktower” (Burj Al Sahwa)

  1. am shahid and now am leaving in sultanate of oman but am a pakistani
    i say your photo graphary it’s great . and if you have more pictures related to oman traditional please send in my email i will thank full to you.
    if you dont mind can i say something
    next time whenever you go to take the pictures of towers please take pictures of the all side like “Front side” “Back side ” “Right side” “Lift side ”
    and also you have to maintain the name of the side in pictures
    ok take care
    by the grace of our Lord
    God Bless you .

  2. Hello Shahid!
    Thanks for the comment and photo appreciation! I will be posting the last of my “Omani traditional photos” in the next few days so check back in a day or two! 🙂
    Thanks for the advice about the “sides of a tower”. I would normally do as you suggested, but that’s an impossible task when the tower is located in a roundabout with no real front, back, left or right. Each side has a clock and flowers, so who can say which side is “the front”?! 🙂 In addition, because there are no streets adjacent to the tower, it’s not possible to really label the side streets either. Take a walk around Sahwa Clocktower and you’ll see what I mean.
    Thanks again for the comment and God bless!

  3. I like this all images because i was there 2 years and i know about there
    can you send me all images this & others please.


  4. Imran,
    Glad you enjoyed the pics! 🙂 There is no need to send you any images as you can download these yourself. Just click on any pic you like and it will open up into a separate page. Once it’s down uploading, you can click the right button on your mouse and select “save picture as” to get the pic in high definition. Cheers!

  5. Hi Andy,
    Great photos, Our company, Smith of Derby Ltd, made and installed the clocks. Can we have your permission please to use a photo in our Oman Clock project profile (a record of our work in the middle east)



  6. Mr. Foster,
    Thanks! Of course as makers of the clocks, your company is more than welcome to use any of my photos in your project profile. I consider it an honor to be asked! Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards to you as well! 🙂

  7. Why do you say “it’s dangerous”? This is not a big city.

    • Why do I say it’s “dangerous”?! Are you kidding me? Have you ever tried crossing the street at Sahwa Clock Tower?! Have you ever driven in Oman?! The size of the city is not the major issue when there are so many reckless drivers who don’t seem concerned for pedestrians crossing the street.

      • Dear Andy: That’s why I’m asking. I’ve never been to Oman, but one best friend is there and wanted to prevent him. I thought you were referring to being robbed or assaulted like in Madrid or NY. Reckless driving is a culture issue (like in other countries, and people have to get used to it). You found reckless drivers in Milan

        • RómuloVG,
          Aha! That’s why you ask! Sorry I misunderstood you 🙂 As you now see, I was referring to crossing the street at this particular spot as “dangerous”. Relatively speaking, Oman (in other regards besides street safety) is relatively safe. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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