Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I don’t normally get involved with WordPress’s “weekly photo challenge” but with a great theme like “family” this week, why not?!  The current 5-day holiday here in the Sultanate of Oman has given us plenty of family time.

This photo was taken at the Bayview Park Hotel in Manila during our summer vacation in the Philippines.  The entire Filipino side of the family is not in this pic but this is a kind of representation of them all for me.  We really enjoyed this last visit from some of Gershom’s cousins and aunties before we headed back to Oman.  Canadians can’t hold a candle to Filipinos when it comes to family!

From last Christmas

I can’t mention “family” without bringing up what a godsend Maritess has been to us.  After his parents, no one (besides God of course!) loves Gershom quite like his Tita (Tagalog for “Aunt”) Maritess!

The Peppins (Gershom’s “godparents”) are ranked among some of our most important family members, being great role-models and spiritual mentors in our life.  Blood may be thicker than water, but Spirit is definitely thicker than blood!

This pic of Gershom with the lovely waitresses from Darcy’s Kitchen is a great reminder than family can even be seen as a larger group or community of inviduals who support and love your family day to day. Some of these people can be far more supportive and worthy of your time than some ungrateful ones who just happen to be in your “family tree”.

Life doesn’t get much better than simple moments like these, folks!

Family can be one of the greatest gifts to a person from God! When it isn’t, and you find yourself with selfish and ungodly people in your family who could care less for you, your spouse or your children, don’t waste your time on them.  (Continue to pray for them, but don’t lose any sleep over such people.)  Life is too short!  🙂

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. Nicely put together , this one (^.^) .

  2. Lovely pics. Grishom is really cute 🙂

  3. Sorry about the spelling…Gershom!

    • No problem. His name seems to be hard for many to pronounce and spell! Your compliment about him being cute makes up for it! 😉

  4. Loved it! You have a beautiful family there!

  5. it sounds that you had a great holiday ^__^

  6. cute kid! What a resemblance to his dad!

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