“Asia” Restaurant at Shangri-La’s Al Mazaar Souq

You may not have heard that 2 new restaurants at Shangri-La’s Mazaar Souq opened about a month ago.  The reason they haven’t advertised yet is because they are waiting for their liquor license which they are expected to receive any day now.  “Asia” is one of the “one free main course when another main course of equal or lower value” offers in the Entertainment 2012 book. They have/had a 20% discount for those coming during the 1st month (tonight being the last night of that offer!).

Very classy place with plenty of space!

I love how they took us around the 4 cooking stations before we ordered to introduce us to the different chefs and let us know the concept behind this restaurant.

“Asia restaurant takes you to a culinary journey throughout the Far East.  The four show kitchens feature cuisines from China, Japan and Indo China region.”

We were quite impressed with the menu.  They let you know which region the food comes from, their signature dishes and we felt that 5 pages makes for a “perfect length menu”.  Plenty of choices without taking an hour to decide! 🙂

As much as possible, I like to try a restaurant’s “Signature Dishes” as they should define the restaurant’s excellence.  Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (3.5 OR) was a unique dish that did not disappoint!

The Oxtail Soup was another fine signature dish of Asia (This one from Malaysia) – 5 OR.  I had a bit of a love/hate feeling with this dish (more love than hate!) as it had quite a bit of pepper and really agitated my throat.  But the Ox tail meat was SO very good!

My wife had the traditional Thai soup, Tom Yam Soup (4.5 OR).  They said it was mild but it was very spicy (of course!).  My wife is into comparing restaurants more than I, and she felt it was good but the same soup in Aroy Thai was “much yummier”.

Our Shrimp Dumplings were delicious (3.5 OR) but now that I think about it, we’ve never ordered dumplings anywhere that we haven’t enjoyed! 🙂

Rainbow Roll (3.7 OR) was another fine choice by the Mrs.!  (All of their sushi dishes come in 5 pieces unless otherwise noted on the menu.)  We hope to try more of their sushi on our next visit!

More sushi options on page 3 of the menu.

Main Courses on page 4 of the menu

By far my favorite dish of the night – Pineapple Thai Fried Rice! (5.5 OR) Whoever created this dish should get a medal! Raisins in rice is delicious enough but raisins and pineapple…WOW!

Another signature dish (and with good reason!) is the Deep Fried Prawns – 9.5 OR.  Along with the Sashimi Platter (15 pieces though!), this is the most expensive item on the standard menu.  The pieces were so huge and the taste and texture a great combo.  Hard to believe that something as simple sounding as “mayonnaise on shrimp” could taste so very good!

Page 5 contains Side Orders and Dessert but we had already bitten off more than we could chew! 😉 There’s always next visit…

Just because Asia is near the “Al-Mazaar Souq” area, it doesn’t mean you get any less of a 5-star experience! It was a great “date night” for the Browns!  A big thanks to our waitress, Yamin (from Burma), who was extremely helpful and pleasant! Thanks for an unforgettable evening out!

Asia and Fairouz (Lebanese Restaurant just next door) are the 2 new restaurants at Shangri-La. This month was their “soft opening”. Closed during Ramaddan but you can expect to hear more about them once Eid arrives and they have a liquor license.

So for all the food we ordered + 2 large Evian (3.5 X2) + 1 coke (1.5) -20% discount (for 1st month customer’s – tonight-July 19th being the last night of this offer…) + 9% government tax + 8% service charge = 40.910  Not bad at all!

Tonight, Thursday, July 19th is the last night Asia is open. 20% discount for all customers as it’s the last night of their 1st month “soft opening”. Closed for Ramadan. Won’t open again until Eid which is next month. 5:30-10:30pm (Tel:+968-2477-6565)  Anyone been here?  If so, would love to hear your experience.

7 responses to ““Asia” Restaurant at Shangri-La’s Al Mazaar Souq

  1. Looks and sounds delicious. I’ll have to try it when I get back from vacation!

    • Let us know what you think of Asia once you try it out when you’re back in September! Have a fabulous vacation, Cathy!

  2. I’m hungry now! LOL! Great pics!

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