Al Sawadi Tower & Public Beach

  One of the Sawadi Islands with an observation tower  Al Sawadi is in the Barka Wilyat which is about 90 kms from Muscat International Airport.  Al Sawadi is one of the best places I’ve visited in Oman (and I’ve been to a few) for a family outing.  Qurum Beach and Bander Beach are popular with tourists, but I think Sawadi rocks them all!  Omani boatboat offer to take tourists over to the island for a small fee.  It is even possible to climb up the observation tower if one is interested.  Here are some fabulous photos from a man who did just that.  This is to the left of the observation tower, looking out directly towards the Indian Ocean.  There is plenty to do and see here and makes an excellent spot for a family picnic.  It’s even better if you plan your visit to include a breakfast or lunch buffet at the nearby Al Sawadi Beach Resort & Spa!  Don’t be one of those tourists who do almost nothing while in Oman and then complain “All I saw was a wadi.”  Instead, come out and experience this gorgeous spot along the coast of Oman,  Al Sawadi!


7 responses to “Al Sawadi Tower & Public Beach

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  3. Hey Andy.. This is quite urgent. Planning for a picnic today to Al Sawadi Beach, but not able to find the route om google maps. Would be great if you could help me with route to reach there from Qurm Suhail Bahwan showroom.

    Thanking in anticipation.

    • Sorry I just noticed this comment, Ashish! Getting to Al Sawadi Beach is quite easy. From Qurm, you just drive towards Sohar and eventually there will be a turnoff to the right for Al Sawadi.

      • 😄😄 hey Andy thanks for reply, though late but never mind. By now I have been there number of times. Thanking you again.

        • Great spirit, my friend! 🙂 Your comment is one of many that seem to have slipped through the cracks during my 3 month summer vacation. Al Sawadi is a great place, isn’t it?! Cheers!

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