The American Mission Hospitals in Oman

This was originally a review and explanation of a book by the same title.  The entire post and pics have been removed as requested by an arrogant individual who shall remain unnamed who claims he holds the photograph files for the Thoms family.

29 responses to “The American Mission Hospitals in Oman

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  2. wow! thats really interesting
    the Spirit of God kept this man going!
    my parents although Omanis didnt want to stay in Oman before 1970!
    God Bless him and his family
    thanks for sharing :)|

  3. Thank you doctor Thomas .
    you are so famuse in Oman . always old people remember you .
    i really wished that i see you once ..

  4. Thanks for the comments, Omania and Ali!
    There are some amazing stories & photos in that book! But I’m sure you’ve heard these stories from people who were there themselves. The fascinating history of Oman!

  5. The Sultan did a favor to the missionaries when he reminded them that evangelism was forbidden! Ha! Why mess up the most powerful expressions of Christ through the deeds of these missionaries with words that would fall short of expressing Jesus’ love beyond what was being demonstrated. No doubt behind closed doors and in private places words were shared. Otherwise, what a Christian presence!

  6. Thank you Doctor for your great and helpful efforts for Omani People…

    May Allah give u happiness with ur family and all the ppl you love!!


  7. I is the first time I came to know of the mission hospital.Thanks to Doctor Thoms.

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Dale, I would strongly agree with your last sentence. I would have to STRONGLY disagree with your 1st statement though. Let me quote Sultan Qaboos himself who said in a speech (in 2000), “The suppression of ideas and thought is a major sin, and we will never allow anyone to stifle freedom of thought.” Now THOSE are words I can agree with! 🙂

    “Snobby Girl”, you don’t sound so snobby, ha!ha!

    Said Al Kindi, I’m glad to see that you learned something new about your country’s fascinating history!

  9. Mohamed Mohsin Baqir Abdullatif

    I am a native of Mutrah and grew up hearing the touching stories of Dr. Thom’s hospital from my father. Thanks to everyone who were involved with this project and God bless them,

  10. Hi, Mohamed!
    Good to hear from a native of Mutrah! Thanks for the comment and God bless!

  11. I am from Muttrah
    During time Dr thomas and the mission hopitals in Mutrah and Muscat did a great job of saving many lives with the limited recoures were available at that times
    God Bless all people who worked for Omani people

  12. Salam, Ali Essa!
    I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the comment!

  13. Dear Rev. Andy,
    Its really one of the most heart toushing histories of great missionories dedicated their lifespan for the suffering lives around the world.
    Dr.Thomas will defenitely rewarded when the revelatons come true…

    Thank you so much for the informations..
    May the holyspirit with you in all your missions

    In jesus christ

  14. Thanks, Dinesh!

  15. Can some one tell me where can I get a copy of this book please.

  16. M Fathi,
    As far as I know, this book was a project of the Ministry of Health and there are only a limited number of copies around. I will try to ask Mrs. Eloise Bosch if it is availalbe and if so, where. Check back in a week or two and hopefully I’ll have an answer! 🙂


  18. Hello Abduhalim,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the history of the American Mission Hospitals in Oman!

  19. Amazing, Thanx for putting this rare information about Dr.Thomas. He was, and still, very popular among old Omanies. Some old people kept his medicine up to this day. I truely think he was an amazing figure. Thanx again.

  20. My pleasure, Wulf!
    It’s great to hear that the legacy of Dr. Thomas lives on! Thanks for sharing!

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  22. Why did you remove the post? The files and book and publishing rights are owned by the Ministry of Health.

    • I removed the post due to an obnoxious man who was constantly sending me threatening emails. Even though he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on (as you state here), I simply didn’t have the stomach for such nonsense from a sad, old man.

  23. Oh ok, understandable. I’ll probably post from my book some scans, but when I was searching I got so excited when I saw you had a post (my book is a photo-copy from the MOH library so the cans will suck compared to a ascan of the oringinal book). Then I was confused because Dr. Bosch and the MOH own the book mainly soooo…

    • I wished I could get a copy of the book myself.
      Looking forward to seeing your scans Princess.
      Thanks Andy for bringing this important part of Omani history back to our attention.

    • Princess,
      If/when I have time, I might scan some pics and put up something because you are right. That old bugger really has no business telling me not to put up pics that are provided by the Bosches and MoH.

  24. I was researching about the American hospital in Muscat to write an article about the medical care history of the GCC nations, where my cousin Dr. C. Thomas has worked. Glad to see his name repeatedly. I had the blessings to visit Sultanate of Oman many times, a blessed country and loving people.

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