Tim Tebow Telling It Like It is!

Tim Tebow sure is creating a name for himself.  In case you’ve never heard of him, he’s the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the NFL (National Football League).  Personally, I couldn’t care less about football.  It’s the man’s convictions and willingness to stand up for them unashamedly that I admire about his man.  He is, shock beyond belief, a Bible-believing Christian.  I first heard about him in reference to a a new trend he’s started known as “tebowing“; getting down on one knee and praying, regardless of what everyone else is doing.  Read more about him and his attempts for others to shut him up regarding his beliefs here on wikipedia.  The NCAA even made a new rule (although they deny it was because of him) known as “the Tebow Rule” because of his previous habit of writing Bible verses on his eye black.  Here is an article with Tim Tebow’s response to others telling him to “tone it down a bit when it comes to God” (not unlike some comments/emails I’ve received asking me to do the same thing on my blog…):
















Well said, Tim Tebow.  You’ve now got yourself a new fan!  🙂

8 responses to “Tim Tebow Telling It Like It is!

  1. I think the reaction to Tebow is more about the US’s ‘fear’, shall we say, of getting into religious debates and keeping the separation of church and state intact. If you look at Brazilian footballer/soccer players like Lucio and Kaka, they have always worn t-shirts saying ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and similar, they display these messages openly around the world and it doesn’t draw comment. In most countries the personal opinion of a player is overlooked in commentary. Good for Tebow for standing up for himself and not being silenced, it’s the problem of the governing body and not him. People came to the US in search of religious freedom and now they may be one of the most oppressed people around, covertly of course. Just my view (I like NFL, btw..)

    • I think you hit the nail right on the head on this issue, Daniel! Well written and well thought out! I especially love your 2nd last sentence! “People came to the US in search of religious freedom and now they may be one of the most oppressed people around, covertly of course.” Exactly! As I’ve heard it argued before, “They believed in “freedom OF religion”; not “freedom FROM religion”.” BTW, most North-Americans I know like NFL. I’m the odd man out on that one! 😉

  2. The term “wearing your religion on your sleeve” or as the ncaa would word it “wearing your ‘any message’ as eyeliner” comes to mind. probobly is a protocal for ncaa. He can still tebow right? wheres the controversy? it looks to me as an attempt to get attention about a plight that doesnt exist. Cbn would be a great platform for him.

  3. J,
    It wasn’t protocol for NCAA till after Tebow showed up and that’s why it’s unofficially known in football circles as “the Tebow Rule”. Seems that American liberals are open-minded to anything but Christianity these days. Tim Tebow was not “looking for a platform”. He was just responding to an unwarranted/inappropriate attack by a insignificant person who probably did so out of jealousy for all the publicity Tim Tebow has received, on and off the field.

    • Plummer has a right to his opinion and you have a right to your

      opinion about Plummer in my country, the U.S. No one is above the law there and that justice is why we are#1 in the world. The govt. stays out of people’s religion. Where’s the problem? With the ncaa or the u.s. govt.? If you have a prob. with the ncaa, then say it, anb boycott them if you want

      • No one is above the law there?! #1 in the world?! The govt stays out of people’s religion?! I’m guessing that you haven’t picked up a newspaper lately. The problem is with individuals and organizations (including the present American administration) who stamp out an individual’s freedom of expression for the so-called purpose of “separating state from religion”; the American atheist’s idol of choice.

  4. The US government is trying to eliminate individual freedom of expression ? Where?

  5. Blewyn,
    I’m not an American so I can’t give you any personal experiences. This is something that I hear quite a bit from Americans Christians I know. I would say that the so-called Tebow rule mentioned above is example enough.

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