“Noodle” Divesite – Damaniyat Islands

beautiful damaniyats   “Don’t ask me why they call it Noodle!”  That’s what the trip coordinator, Faisal, from Omanta Scuba told us as we approached “Noodle” divesite in the Damaniyat Islands.  The dive was at a depth of 17.9 meters with a bottom time of 42 minutes and viz was good!  All the pics you see posted here are courtesy of my diving buddy, Denise Boyd.April 11 Daymaniyats 064  April 11 Daymaniyats 062April 11 Daymaniyats 065April 11 Daymaniyats 068April 11 Daymaniyats 069April 11 Daymaniyats 071April 11 Daymaniyats 075April 11 Daymaniyats 077April 11 Daymaniyats 079April 11 Daymaniyats 080April 11 Daymaniyats 082April 11 Daymaniyats 086April 11 Daymaniyats 091April 11 Daymaniyats 092April 11 Daymaniyats 093April 11 Daymaniyats 096April 11 Daymaniyats 097April 11 Daymaniyats 102  Denise took this incredible video of a sting-ray during our dive: April 11 Daymaniyats 104April 11 Daymaniyats 108 - CopyApril 11 Daymaniyats 114  And here’s a 21 minute video from different clips I took during the dive:

10 responses to ““Noodle” Divesite – Damaniyat Islands

  1. Such a wonderful nature!
    Thanks Andy

  2. Wow, these are beautiful pictures!

  3. Loved each picture

  4. That’s an awesome video of the stingray, it’s so cute !

    • Yes, I also love the video of the stingray. I didn’t realize that Denise even took videos while diving until I went through the folder she shared with us other divers!

  5. beautiful pics Andy… wished I loved the deep sea as much… nice camera work.. loved the lightings and colour… all beautifully captured

    • Glad you enjoyed the pics, Caroline. Apart from the the 1st one, they are all from my fantastic dive buddy, Denise. Her underwater photography seems to get better with each dive!

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