Home SWEET Home!!!

The Living Room

and adjoining bathroom

The Kitchen

Dining Room

The Master Bedroom

and adjoining bathroom

With 2 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, a lovely living room with new furniture, a dining room and 3 bathrooms, my sponsors have been more than generous in providing my current apartment.
“…do not trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;” (1 Timothy 6:17)
The spare room is not yet “presentable” so it will be shown at a future date…where hopefully family members or friends will be able to stay when visiting in the not too distant future!

2 responses to “Home SWEET Home!!!

  1. >Your place looks great!We are very happy for you!!Jennifer

  2. >Thanks, Jen! And I’m really hoping that you and Mark will come here someday and take advantage of the spareroom! Che and I would love to be your tourguides! 🙂

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