City Cinema, Al Shatti Plaza, Qurum

  Enjoyed the new Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz flick, Knight and Day, at City Cinema with a friend this weekend.  It’d been a while since I’d seen a movie on the big screen.  My experience has always been bothered by young punks holding loud cell phone conversations during the movie with their feet on the cinema seats and other such hooligan actions. (Am I ever starting to sound like “an old guy”, ha!ha! 🙂 )   This time seemed better, thank God!  There’s nothing like watching a film on the big screen!  The 5th or 6th row is the best; any closer and you’ll sprain your neck, any farther back and you might as well wait till it comes out on tv!                                                            This movie has lots of action and plenty of humor.  Fun stuff!  I recommend seeing this one while it’s in theatres.                                                                     I won’t ruin it with any “spoilers“.  If you want to see some previews (I prefer not viewing any before watching a movie as they often give the whole movie away!), as well as some behind the scenes type of clips, click here.

The City Cinema website seems to be much better than before.  They even have the movies on “Now Showing” up to date! There’s also a listing of films “Coming Soon.”  Check it out at: (Tel: 24831809) For ladies, they have a special event called “Movie/Coffee Mornings” which sounds pretty cool.  City Cinema has theatres in Al Shatti, Ruwi, Sohar and pretty soon in Sur as well.  “Film is the literature of this generation.” (director Norman Jewison)

3 responses to “City Cinema, Al Shatti Plaza, Qurum

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  2. sadanandancp,
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