Working Out the Bugs in “the I-Ran”

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has arrived here today to discuss the problem of Iran with His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos. Here’s a Gulf News article on this.  This is not her 1st visit here and likely will not be her last as the relationship between the US and the Sultanate seems to be a solid one.

Pic taken during Hillary Clinton’s previous trip to the Sultanate from gulfnews

HM Sultan Qaboos has already helped America in many ways over the years.  Under the new decrees, I have to be careful to mention in what ways so I’m just going to avoid that whole topic… One of the more personal acts of kindness the Sultan has extended to the US was paying a total of $1.5 million for Iran to release 3 captured Americans.

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall to overhear the conversation!?  How do you solve a problem like Iran?  Hey, that reminds me of this spoof of the classic song from the Sound of Music, How Do you Solve a Probem Like Maria:                                                                                           I love the part where “Kim Jong Il” says, “Your evil axis only lists us third!” haha!  Speaking of Kim Jong Il, I’ve always loved the following David Letterman joke about him:  What is the name of Kim Jong Il’s father?  Answer”  “Mentally Ill“.  ha!ha! Get it?! Il..Ill..Mentally ill…  That’s a bad Western-oriented joke actually as Kim is the last name and Korean’s put the family name first when you say their complete name  (so it’s not “Mr. Il” but “Mr. Kim”) but I seriously digress here!

Someone recently asked me if I enjoy politics.  Sure! It provides us with some of the best comedy out there, folks!  For example, I couldn’t help think about the following Mad-TV clip about the “I-Rack” and the “I-Ran” lately with all the shananigans going on with the so-called bothed assassination attempt in Washington (which some believe is a set-up for America & Saudi Arabia to attack Iran):                                                                       Anyway, with so many tributes to Steve Jobs in the past few weeks, I thought that clip was a fitting ending to this post.  🙂

2 responses to “Working Out the Bugs in “the I-Ran”

  1. Dear Andy,

    Thank you for this. On a slightly different matter as i cannot seem to find your email address it is Will from Millennium Resort Mussanah. We are having a Beach BBQ tomorrow night with a killer package of RO 50 inclusive of BBQ for 2 persons, overnight accommodation and breakfast for two the next morning. If you can make i let me know – we will be starting these up in November twice a month for the season ahead

  2. Mr. Blake,
    Great to hear from you! 🙂 The 50 RO package for 2 people including BBQ, accomodation and breakfast sounds incredible. We won’t be able to make it this weekend but we’d be interested in coming sometime in November. If you email me a good poster/pic including all the details you mentioned (at , I’ll gladly post it to let people know about this incredible deal. All the best to you and staff at the Millenium!

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