Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

New Majlis building

The new Majlis (Council of Oman) building near the Al Bustan (Ritz Carlton)Palace in Muscat, Oman which was inaugurated on Nov. 12, 2012.  Although this is a literal interpretation of “illumination” in this pic, it is hoped by many that with time, great wisdom and understanding will shine forth from this “parlimentary like building” as powers are slowly expected to be transferred to the people in a seemingly rising regional demand for voices of the people to be heard.light shining through clouds

Despite the clouds, the sun continues to illuminate the sky as the day comes to a close over the Sultan’s Palace in old Muscat.

This was my entry for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress.

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. Hi, your blog is amazing! It’s well written, clean/uncluttered, deeply interested, encouraging, colorful! Absolutely love it! Good job! I love a good travel blog!

    Thanks for posting!
    Mark L.

    • Mark,
      Thanks for another positive comment. It’s appreciated! I’m now following your blog as I love a good “father and son” blog and I love reading about your adventures in my old “homeland” of Korea. I was there 10 years! Kind regards!.

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  3. Beautiful interpretation of the challenge. I love the monochromatic look!

    • Thanks, Aryn!
      Nice blog you’ve got there! I’m sure you’ll have a blast teaching English in China after you graduate. Kind regards!

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