Al Rafee Seafood Restaurant, Muttrah

restaurant near muttrah souk

Al Rafee Seafood Restaurant (Sai Seas) is an affordable place to get a decent sizzler if you’re ever in the Muttrah Souk and find yourself hungry.  It’s located between the Fish Roundabout and the entrance to Muttrah Souq.  I’ve included the entire 9-page menu in the post (mixed in with some Muttrah pics) in case folks want to see just how affordable this restaurant is.inside

inside 2

As you can see, we don’t exactly come here for the “interior beauty of the restaurant”! We come here for good, cheap eatin’!soup

Lentil Soup – 1 OR!soups

chicken lollipop

The Chicken Lollipop appetizer is only 1.8 OR and comes with 10 pieces.  We order this on every visit!  Here’s a look at the other appetizers:appetizers

We think the sizzlers are the best items on the menu, especially at the prices they’re offered.sizzler photo 1

Prawns Sizzlers – 5 ORsalads and sizzlers

And 2 of us ordered Seafood Sizzlers (5.5 OR each) Of all their sizzlers, I find seafood to be the best.sizzler photo 2

Bread menu

rice noodles grilled

window view 1

A nice view to take in as you enjoy a quick bite to eat!window view 2


old muttrah homes

I’m surprised there aren’t more restaurants in Muttrah as it’s such a popular tourist destination, especially for visitors coming off luxury cruisers at the port. Here’s an interesting write-up about this untapped tourism market on the blog, Omanly, titled “Making the Most out of Cruisers“.indian main courses

muttrah mosque and homes

rice biriyani vegetable items

muttrah hotels

This pic, just down the road from Al Rafee Restaurant in Muttrah, is of some of the cheapest hotels in Muscat for budget travellers: Mina Hotel, Corniche Hotel, Marina Hotel and Al Fanar Hotel as well as Naseem Hotel  and Muttrah Hotel which are closer to the Souk.tandoori items

our drinks

Our drinks were very good but we ordered them to go after our meal and had to wait forever for them to prepare them.drinks

smoothies and juice

Just to clarify, they don’t actually serve “cocktails” here, haha! More like “mocktails” and smoothies.muttrah souk costumes

Just a reminder that this is a nice place to grab a quick bite to eat if you’re already in the souk area (and looking for one of these sexy belly-dancer costumes, haha!).  We ate like kings and queens and our total bill only came to 22.9 location

A helpful map on the back of the menu to find this restaurant.  Tel: 2471-3933, GSM: 9580-9100

Has anyone reading this been to Al Rafee Restaurant? If so, what did you think?


8 responses to “Al Rafee Seafood Restaurant, Muttrah

  1. I was at Beirut Restaurant that is located, more or less, above the souk entrance. I don’t know if you have tried it but would recommend it due to the service, the affordable prices and the views.

  2. Hi Andy, Been a while since I commented, but I do see your posts in my email. I quite like the posts on the many restaurants you check out and photograph; the dishes, the price comparisons and in fact even places where there are offers and discounts at times.

    It was after one of your posts last year that we picked up the Entertainer 2012 to avail of many discounts. We did save, but not a phenomenal amount, since it was already many months down the year when we bought it. This year, however, we made sure to buy the Entertainer at the beginning of the year and we have already saved quite a bit, especially when dining at MGM. Yesterday’s savings alone was $10.00 and we have not yet delved into the main offers of the book. Thanks for that suggestion, though I’m late with the feedback. 🙂

    We haven’t tried out Al Rafee Saefood Restaurant, but I think we just might. We live just 8-10 minutes away from there so it looks like a near possibility.

    Great pics. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Mandy,
      Good to see a comment from you. Nice to know you appreciate the restaurant/discount posts. We are also impressed with the savings and opportunities for dining at MGM! Waiting for the healthy, new Asian restaurant to open up there. It’s my pleasure to share any info that might help someone out there. Thanks so much for the feedback! 🙂

  3. Hi Andy – good review – I like view to see… but not sure about all that deep fried seafood…
    thanks – it a good read.

    • Anon,
      Yes, the sea view is great and there are plenty of tables right next to the window at Al Rafee. Yes, probably best not to eat TOO much deep fried seafood! 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Steven and Franci Fryberger

    Another great foodie article. Andy, I’m surprised you aren’t ballooning out with all this food! cheers, Steve Fryberger

    • Thanks, Steve. BTW, what makes you think I’m NOT ballooning with all this food! 😉 (I could write a whole blogpost just on my ever increasing waist line but I’ll leave that to the reader’s imagination, haha!)

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