CHRISTmas in Oman!!!

Jonathan in front of the tree at Borders in Carrefour shopping center in Muscat.

Yours truly on Dec. 19th before our church’s concert.

6 responses to “CHRISTmas in Oman!!!

  1. >you seem to have gained a little bit of weight but look more generous and genial than when in Korea! God bless you throughout 2008, too!

  2. >You cheeky little monkey, Seung-Hoon! I guess that’s what we call a “double edged compliment”! ha!ha! 😦

  3. >Ay Andyyy!I’m afraid I have to disgree with seunghun. You seem as good looking as you always were, in and out. I didn’t know you looked Egyptian. I guess you have a very international appearance. that’s cool! I have a friend who’s going to be a missionary and the same thing happens to him. When he was in China, he’s considered Chinsese, and Filippino in the Philippines. God blessed you with the same gift of international appearance, I think. May God keep good work in and through you in 2008.Bruce

  4. >Hi, Bruce!WOW! Great to hear from you, bro!May God bless your ministry at Handong, especially your work with the kids at the orphanage!I’m so grateful that God gave us a chance to work together during my time in Pohang! Stay in touch!

  5. >Hey Bro Andy… and… where is my photo eating beside the keyboard…Kindly note your Email address too…Nice photos… I viewed them all…God Bless you…In Christ,Bro Joe UmaliEmail:rjumali@hotmail.comGSM:+968 99440619

  6. >Wow- you look nice & younger than before~Are you enjoying a new year a lot?

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