Free Sailing and Banana Boat Rides from Oman Sail at Shatti Al Qurum!

If you didn’t head down to Shatti Al Qurum (behind Oasis by the Sea Mall) at all today, you missed out on a lot of family fun provided by the folks at Oman Sail.  It started at 10:30am and lasted all day until 5:30pm.  You’ve got another chance to enjoy sailing or banana boat riding for free tomorrow, Friday, Sep. 21st, 10:30am-5:30pm.

The activities at Shatti Beach were well managed today and the police were on hand as a safety precaution.  It was obvious that a lot of work went into making this a successful event.

If you love the word “free” as much as I do, there were plenty of freebies available from Oman Sail including balloons for the kiddies, fans for the ladies, free chilled water and juice boxes and free baseball caps.

The first step was to to register at this table. It took just a minute to fill out the names of those participating, your age(s), the activity you want to try (sailing or banana boat ride) and then fill in your email address and a statement that all are in good health.  Next, you wait for an available lifejacket and then stand in line at the shoreline for your turn.  It was that easy!

The banana boat ride was a huge hit with kids of all ages!

Nice to see the police boat out on patrol!

The folks at Oman Sail were so friendly and helpful with plenty of smiles for everyone.

This was the skipper on our free sailing ride, Mr. Hassan Al Rawhi, who has been with Oman Sail for 3 years now.

Hassan Al Rawhi in action! My 1st boat ride was with my sister-in-law in a laser and it was what I’d categorize as a standard boatride.  The 2nd time out (this time with my wife), Hassan really had the boat soaring.  I thought we were going in the water a few times. It was awesome!

One of the several points that I thought our boat was going under! 🙂

2 thumbs up for a fantastic event by Oman Sail!  Thanks for the fun activities, the big smiles, great attitudes and your volunteering spirit that made our time at Shatti al Qurum today a memorable one.

If you’re ever in Muscat (or Mussanah) and are interested in water activities such as sailing, power-boating, water skiing or wake-boarding, be sure to check out their website at  You can book lessons by calling them at (+968) 2455-4216 or email them at .

8 responses to “Free Sailing and Banana Boat Rides from Oman Sail at Shatti Al Qurum!

  1. You thought you would almost fall in the water a few times eh? Well guess who’s sailboat tipped over way way too much and who was the one to fall in? lol. Yeah, totally me.. and was drenched the entire drive home! There was some rope or other on our sailboat that broke while we were out, causing it to almost capsize. The sailor was quick enough and jumped in the water to pull the boat down as much as he could. But alas, I was destined to swim with the fish :).
    Good times though 😉

    • Haha! Poor you! We noticed a few boats had tipped over! BTW, thanks for approaching us and saying “hi”! It was such a pleasure meeting you. 🙂

  2. Andy, I had a “fangirl moment” meeting you :P. my legs are still twitching. In our modern world, we have ‘internet celebrities’

    • haha! You’re funny. I’m not sure exactly who this is though as I met several people on that day. Is this the person I met at D’Arcy’s? Thanks for commenting (and reading the blog), whoever you are.

  3. Nice meeting you today 😀 It’s weird how I know you, even though I’ve not personally met you before. haha.

  4. Looks like eveyone is having a great time! i have never been to Oman before. I think this will be the perfect reason to visit it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. There’s always some exciting happening in Muscat, Oman! 🙂

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